Tuesday 5 April 2011

Kalamazoo Cafe ~ Aman Suria

After Projek Harapan at The One Gallery on Saturday, a bunch of us 7 CFians + 2 tag-alongs decided to go to Kalamazoo Cafe at Aman Suria. Jaslyn raved about this place to me on sms about how awesome and affordable (hey two As!) their food are so I didn't mind going.

Their facebook page can be found here and another review can be found at Cest La Vie.

Another shot of their menu because I couldn't decided which one to use hehe!

Kalamazoo's menu has a lot to choose from - sandwiches, burgers, pasta, stew, meatloaf and pork ribs are just some of what we had.

A brief history of Kalamazoo

And a quick look at their ambiance

You can choose to dine inside of ala al fresco but because it was rather warm that night, we chose to eat inside.

The bottom of their counter is made entirely of green glass bottles!

And cute teapots on display

Moving on to what I had for the day...

Pork Stew
And a chocolate banana milkshake

First to arrive was my Chocolate Banana milkshake. This was alright. I would have preferred more dense, thicker chocolate. As you can see the milkshake looked rather bleh in color but it tasted good. Personal preference.

Jaslyn's Macaroni. It was beef so I didn't taste it. But she seemed happy with it.

Theresa's Cheese burger came next. I love how the cheese was melted with perfection (I judge only by sight and not taste on this one) She liked it very much. I did steal her fries. Good fries is good!

Jared's Egg and Bacon bits sandwich. He said he would have preferred his staple BLT sandwich.

My pork stew. This was very tomato-ey and carrot-ey. The pork chunks were soft and tender. There was absolutely no porky smell (hurray!) and the french bread that came with it had a light taste of butter. It gives you a nice, warm comfort food feeling. A lot like how I have my favorite baked beans hehe. There were also slices of sausage in it. Really like an authentic stew where you throw in all kinds of nonsense eh?

Seraphina's beef stew. Hers was a thicker gravy. She asked if mine tasted tomato-ey and carrot-ey and it did so I assume that the stock being used was the same.

Edo's beef meatloaf came highly recommended. Everyone who tasted it said that they regretted ordering what they ordered (not that their food wasn't good). It was grilled so there was a slight crust on the outside and was tender and juicy on the inside. I did taste the mash potatoes. It needed a slight bit of salt but other than that, it was good!

Ezel's baby back ribs. Another highly recommended one. The meat was so tender that it practically dropped off the bone. Roasted/baked/grilled (I don't know which) to perfection that the fats caramelized awesomely. Oh so awesome!

Leong had a pork lasagna but because I/he was too far, I couldn't take a photo sobs (and I was too focused on enjoying my pork stew)! Will wait for Seraphina's photos to come out then maybe leech from her.

We then moved on to dessert!

They authentically used lady fingers and the coffee flavor in the cake was strong and fragrant. Very nice!

The cheese in all the cheese cakes are not dense but had a bouncy gelatin-jelly like texture. Those too used to thick, creamy, dense cheesecakes might not like these offered by Kalamazoo but please do try them!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

More like chocolate sponge with not much mousse =/ Maybe I'm too used to Secret Recipe's Chocolate Mousse Cake where everything is so very chocolatey and creamy.

Chocolate Brownies!!

The dessert of all desserts are the chocolate brownies. Rich, dense, palette sticking, mouth shutting chocolate brownies! They were warm and moist and with every bite, you can't open your mouth either from the dense chocolate or because they're oh so good!!!

We also ordered a slice of peach cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake. The peach cheesecake didn't have much of a peach flavor except for the peach slices on top which stuck together as Edo tried to pry them apart. The strawberry cheesecake was nice! A mild cheese flavor went very well together with the non-cough syrup tasting strawberry topping. Non-cough syrup tasting is definitely a good thing.

But because we enjoyed the chocolate brownies too much...

We ended up not finishing the rest of the cakes. Brownies ♥

Would definitely come back to try other food! Their pricing is affordable (hey if you can eat at Pasta Zanmai or Secret Recipe, don't you dare complain that Kalamazoo's food are expensive!). The super friendly waitress, Shammy was a definite plus point! Efficient and friendly! Cakes are RM4.90 per slice - affordable! Now if only it wasn't so far from me...