Tuesday 4 October 2011

Pu Yuan Restaurant ~ Old Klang Road

Pu Yuan Restaurant is tucked in a lorong/alley off the road leading to SRJK (C) Choong Wen. If you can find your way to the school, you can find your way to Pu Yuan.

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It's also very close to the Old Klang Road market so you could use either as a landmark if asking locals in the area. I honestly have no idea to get there but my parents and godparents do.

Why all the directions? Even with the address, it may not be the easiest to find. The older generation is more familiar with this place.

So what is Pu Yuan actually?
Dodgy looking entrance...
I would call it a Hakka-Hokkien restaurant cause some dishes are native to Hakkas. They do serve all round 'big fry' of fried noodles and dishes.

These photos were taken in 2 separate trips: one with my godparents, another with my Singaporean relatives. Photo quality differs because I wasn't prepared for a food trip so it's only 5 mgpx Nokia X6 quality photos for some.

A review for Pu Yuan can be found here by Motormouth from Ipoh.

Pu Yuan has been mentioned by a major newspaper and also a magazine. I didn't identify which though.

Their specialties are Fried Sweet Potato Flour and Fried Rice Sticks

Fried Sweet Potato Flour
This dish is actually sweet potato flour pieces. Where sweet potato flour is mixed with water to form a paste and at a certain consistency, its sliced and blanched. There's no formal name for it so that's the best description everyone uses haha. It's fried similarly to Hokkien Mee but due to the Kuey Teow-like texture, it tastes like an entirely different dish.

Fried Rice Sticks
I hated this dish as a kid. The rice sticks are thick and it has a strong floor taste. Eating it as an adult, it reminded me of how I would pick at everything else except the rice sticks. It's prepared similarly as the sweet potato flour dish. People who like Pan Mee would love this dish.
Fried Glass Noodles
Fried Yellow Noodles
The glass noodles and yellow noodles were fried in similar style.

Homemade Fried Tofu
This tofu has more bite to it unlike normal smooth tofu.

Steamed 'Wan' Fish
The fish was fresh and the sauce masked all the 'fishy-ness' so for once, I actually ate this river fish. Otherwise, I wouldn't be keen.

Fried Romanie Lettuce
Good, authentic food is hard to come by nowadays which gives Pu Yuan points even though it's slightly pricey compared to other hawker food.