Sunday 22 January 2012

Keong Kee Freshwater Prawn Noodles ~ Jalan Imbi | Snowflake ~ Sg Wang | Rakuzen ~ G Tower

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1) Bidor: Restoran Yi Hao
2) Ipoh: Restoran Ong Kee
2b) Ipoh: Ipoh Parade
3) Ipoh: Aneka Selera Kam Wan
4) KL: Levain
5) PJ: Departure Lounge
6) Subang: Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery
7) SS15: Gong Cha
8) Mont Kiara: Chilla Cup

9) KL: Restoran Keong Kee
10) KL: Snowflake, Sungai Wang
11) KL: Rakuzen, G Tower

12) Crumbs Macarons

We’re now at Day 3, 2nd September. I took 1st September off eating. It was a very difficult task...

Restoran Keong Kee is located opposite Imbi Palace in KL and offers awesome Sang Har Noodles.

Sang Har are large freshwater prawns!

Surprisingly, it was my dad’s idea to go there for lunch. Mind you, the prawns are charged per prawn per kg. We had 2, cut in half so we had half a prawn each.

The noodles were as good as I remembered it. Egg-filled sauce with a hint of the prawn’s color – it was absolutely sinful! But for some reason, it lacked some ‘oomph!’. For those who are looking for good Sang Har noodles in town, I would still recommend Keong Kee.

Next was Cantonese Yin Yong (Yin Yong = Kuey Teow + Meehoon) and it was also lacking oomph. Yes, the sauce was tasty and there was ‘wok hei’ but it was missing something but that being said, almost every table was occupied there.

Before I could finish lunch, a phone call came in from Ezel cause I checked in on foursquare (Bad habit! My tweet list easily finds me this way hahaha!). He had a cheque to pass to me and asked me out for dessert. So instead of going home with my parents, I ended up in Snowflake with him at Sungai Wang.


This silly girl had never been to Snowflake before despite being a dessert fan so thank goodness he was there to drag me haha... Photos are all taken with my handphone because my camera ran out of battery.

I had Set A from the Grass Jelly Series under Snowflake Series. It came with lotus seeds, pearls and green beans. I loved the shaved ice because it tasted like an herbal drink that I like. Yes instead of tasting like frozen grass jelly, it tastes like a frozen herbal drink to me. All the ingredients went very well with each other except for the milk. I prefer it plain without the milk.

Ezel had something from the Taroballs Series under Snowflake Series. It came with sweet potato balls which I found too weird for my taste. I recently tasted their Japanese green tea balls and it tasted weird too!! But the tiny pearls and the red beans were very nice!

Later on that night, it was a date with Rakuzen and with Lee. We went to the one at G Tower. The menu looked very oddly familiar to me and it took me awhile to realize why. The inside of the menu is exactly the same as Hokkaido Ichiba/Kita no Zen at The Gardens!
But since the boyfie has never gone to either so we just ate there anyways.

I had a tempura soba (because I don’t eat anything Japanese besides kaiten sushi, tempura, soba, udon and kare) and yuzu sherbet.

Lee had a Claypot Udon & Salmon Rice set. It’s really worth it for such a large set.

He also ordered Monk Fish Liver. Trust him to order dishes that are too weird for my palette. I didn’t dare try it.

My tempura soba was good. The tempura was light and not too oily. But look at the amount of spring onions! I spent quite a bit of time picking all of them out hehe... The soup was flavorful and not too salty.

I’ve never had yuzu ice-cream before this but for some reason, the taste was very familiar. It’s not specifically lemon, orange or grapefruit but a mixture of all 3 flavors. It was very refreshing!

I only managed to get a photo of Lee’s udon but the tempura prawn looks like it’s been left there for too long. But the portion is very large!

The monk fish liver however is a really small portion (he already ate one piece prior to that photo). And it costs RM13! Don’t know if it was worth it to him though.

I’ve been eating a lot of Japanese food nowadays no thanks to him and because of that, my dislike towards miso soup is no longer a dislike. I don’t mind it now but I won’t crave for it. I do however crave for Japanese curry and tempura haha... thought they resemble non-Japanese food.

The final post of my 4 day makan trip is coming up next with Crumbs’ macarons!