Sunday 30 November 2014

After 11am Menu at Antipodean ~ Bangsar

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After my first Antipodean post, LC and I were keen to go back to Antipodean for the 11am menu.

As usual, go on a weekday at around dinner time and there will be very few patrons.

LC's Mango Lassi was superbly thick. So thick that slurping it through a straw required much effort so we had to thin it down with water. More milky than mango-ey, the lassi was quite the disappointment.

My Chocolate Milkshake was quite meh as well. It was quite watered down and there was no rich, chocolatey taste about it.

When I ordered the Sweet Paprika Chicken with Chickpeas, I honestly expected a chicken thigh or a slab of chicken breast so imagine my shock when it came in chicken finger sizes. The chicken was tasty but dry and I spent a lot of time building an onion hill from all the onions mixed in with those chickpeas.

LC ordered a Kiwi Lamb Burger. I almost ordered this but I'm really glad I didn't. The lamb patty felt under-cooked and mushy. Even though it seemed fully cooked, the patty fell apart with every bite giving you the feeling that the ratio of meat and whatever other ingredient was in it was odd.

To make up for all the not-so-great food we had, I decided to order dessert and settled on the Butterscotch Waffle. I'll have to say this disappointed me immensely as well. For a RM20 waffle, a drizzle of butterscotch + a scoop of ice cream really doesn't cut it. I'd sooner saunter into an A&W outlet for their waffle (if only they were not becoming extinct in KL) than have Antipodean's waffle. The overall taste of the waffle was so-so but the price made it even more mediocre.

After all that hype built up by the breakfast folk, I'm quite sad to say that I'll probably never go back to Antipodean. The food quality compared to the very first visit was very disappointing and the prices are quite exorbitant.