Tuesday 23 December 2014

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee ~ SS15

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The post on Super Kitchen, SS2 garnered some attention and opinions from friends and fellow chilli pan mee lovers and LC and I were advised to try the outlet at SS15 as they serve the best chilli pan mee among all the other Super Kitchen outlets.

With that thought in mind, we made a beeline for the SS15 outlet one day.

Like any other Super Kitchen outlet, it's fully air-conditioned and very comfortable.

Their chilli paste comes with a warning in red. I found this quite adorable lol.

The chilli is fiery red and stays true to their warning. It is seriously spicy.

The pan mee came laden with lots of condiments (as commented by friends) and...

The egg was perfectly poached, flowing egg yolk and soft egg white. I was quite impressed at this point.

The seriously spicy chilli was spicier than I remembered at the SS2 branch. It was burning hot and it didn't take much to send me reaching for drinks. The noodles were a little hard for my liking but I wholeheartedly agree that I liked having lots of condiments with every slurp of smooth, egg-coated noodles. It was good.

However, there was an unsatisfactory feeling in the tummy after eating the pan mee here. Yes, it was every bit better than the competitor (my last visit to the competitor was the very first disappointment we've had with them) in terms of food quality and portions but there was a tak puas feeling at the end.

I hope it's only psychological and that one day, someone will put me to the ultimate chilli pan mee test and... I get it wrong. Till then, the competitor still has my money and my appetite.

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