Monday 23 March 2015

Once Upon A Milkshake ~ Suria KLCC

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I was introduced to Once Upon A Milkshake by Jaslyn saying that their milkshakes are thick and smooth and the best she's tasted. Thanks to Groupon, I had a reason to go all the way to KLCC. And it turned out to be a nice date with LC too.

Once Upon a Milkshake has several outlets in Asia namely Thailand, Philipines, Singapore and even South Korea. The Malaysian outlet is located at Suria KLCC's food court (a new outlet is opening soon at Sunway Pyramid) and offers Premium and Special Flavors of Milkshakes.

Click the photo to enlarge the menu.

Premium milkshakes are the less fancy flavors like Banana, Hazelnut, Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream and Milo while the Special Flavors are the funky flavors like Nougat, Red Velvet, Bubblegum and Avocado.

But the most interesting flavor here is Durian. You get to choose the intensity of the flavor! Something I appreciate.

The milkshakes come in 3 sizes - Mini, Regular and Large. The mini size is the perfect size for those who'd like the thick, sinful drink in a manageable portion.

LC got a Hazel Nutella - Hazelnut milkshake and it was delicious! Perfectly blended, not a single ice crystal and full of flavor. The balance of ice cream and milk was perfect and I can't get over how beautifully smooth it was.

I got a Butter scotch milkshake which was very buttery with just enough sweetness. The most accurate description would be slurping butter ice-cream. It took me forever to finish this, 2 hours later I was at the last quarter of a cup and eventually gave up cause the buttery taste was too much to handle. Probably stick to the less rich flavors or a smaller cup.

I like the milkshakes offered by Milkshake Factory but Once Upon a Milkshake turned out to be better! I would love to try their other flavors one day, probably one mini cup at a time eh?

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