Tuesday 19 May 2015

Cava ~ Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya

Cava emits nostalgia for me as it was one of the places that LC brought me on our first few dates and boy did the place impress!

Cava's Red Sangria is a lovely accompaniment to a meal - it's a good balance of alcohol, citrus and fruity notes. I've not found another Sangria that's as good.

My first visit was a salad and paella meal so this time around, we decided on some tapas, a main course each and a dessert to share. How greedy!

First up is Crispy goat cheese with an onion relish. I didn't mind dipping these crispy bites into the relish as it was pretty tasty though I avoided all the onion bits.

The goat cheese was light, chewy and absolutely sinful.

Next was lamb meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce.

This was equally delicious - the meatball was not gamey and the tomato sauce had a nice spicy kick. We kept going back for more.

Prawns ala Plancha was last but not least. Prawns submerged in boiling hot olive oil and herbs served with bread topped with some pesto and a dot of chilli paste.

Oddly, the prawns were my least favorite - probably because the first two stood out too much. The bread was fresh but did not really match the bland prawns as there were more scents and aroma of herbs than taste and flavor. The small smear of pesto and chilli paste did not help to add flavor so we happily dipped the bread into the remaining tomato sauce of the lamb meatballs.

My main was Roast lamb cutlets with black pepper sauce and a side of roast vegetables. Cava's lamb cutlets are the most succulent and well done I've ever had. The meat was tender, juicy and it was perfectly seared on both sides. I swore that I had to bring my parents for a visit, just for the lamb cutlets.

LC's fish was fresh and came out flakey. I'd have to admit I don't remember much about the fish dish because my mind was filled with deliciously overpowering mutton thoughts. Sorry, fish.

Cava's Chocolate Dream is a must have for chocolate lava cake lovers. It's served with a custard sauce which gives the heavy chocolate texture a little lightness.

Cut into the cake, lift up a small piece.

And let the lovely chocolate flow. LC accidentally created a sequence of photos to show you the deliciousness of the Chocolate Dream.

Mmmmmm, a delicious dream.

Dining at Cava is always a delightful experience and I'm really happy that their food quality is still top notch. The price might be on the high side but it's perfect for special occasions with good food alongside some good company.

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