Monday 1 June 2015

Nadeje Mille Crepe ~ Mahkota Parade

Nadeje is famous for serving mille crepes and have expanded their business all the way to KL (there is one branch in Damansara if I'm not wrong). However, we decided to drop by the original branch at  Mahkota Parade.

They serve alcoholic/non-alcoholic crepe cakes and we ordered 4 slices and a drink each.

Our Green tea cafe latte, Gula melaka cafe latte and Roasted hazelnut cafe latte were pretty good. A shot of espresso topped with milk with a pouring of green tea syrup/gula melaka/hazelnut syrup were all in good balance of bitter and sweet. I would have liked it more without the whipped cream.

Obligatory 'cakes stare at each other' shot.

The Praline Lover was layers of crepe, hazelnut cream and finely chopped candied hazelnuts.

The cream had lots of hazelnut flavor and the candied hazelnuts gave you just enough sweetness.

The Lemon Cheese was tangy and creamy. Very much like a lighter lemon cheesecake. The sprinkling of powdered sugar countered the acidity to give you a nice all-rounder.

I can never get over how well the cake holds despite having many delicate layers and the uniformity is just amazing.

The Green Tea had a strong flavor of matcha powder and was bitter and sweet at the same time.

The Original mille crepe was the sweetest of the whole lot with a layer of caramelized sugar on top.

The vanilla taste however is strong and not sickly which means it's made with real vanilla beans.

Nadeje really still has the best mille crepes in Malaysia (my opinion may have been different many years ago) and with the opening of branches in KL, they've become more accessible to the Klang Valley folk. Let's hope they keep their delicious standards up!