Wednesday 17 June 2015

Menya Musashi ~ The Intermark

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This trip to Menya Musashi is actually not my first, my first being 1 Utama's outlet mentioned here.

The dining experience was good so I was keen to introduce Menya Musashi to LC. However, I failed to realize that the outlet at Jalan P Ramlee has been closed so imagine my dismay when we got there and I was greeted by construction hording.

Yes, devastated.

So I would like to strongly stress that Menya Musashi at Jalan P Ramlee is closed indefinitely.

Menya Musashi Jalan P Ramlee is closed. Menya Musashi Jalan P Ramlee is closed. Menya Musashi Jalan P Ramlee is closed. Menya Musashi Jalan P Ramlee is closed. Menya Musashi Jalan P Ramlee is closed. Hopefully this turns up in internet searches so others would not end up disappointed like me.
Or as stupid as me.

A quick check online revealed that the Jalan P Ramlee branch had indeed closed but they had a branch at The Intermark. So we hopped back into the car and made our way there instead. It is located 2 floors below the Ground Floor at The Intermark, facing Jaya Grocer's entrance.

A quick browse revealed outstanding, value-for-money prices. Where on earth do you get a bowl of good ramen for RM18?

It seemed over time, they have added 2 more types of oil - a curry oil and a vegetable oil to the previous onion flavored oil, special oil and chilli flavored oil.

Their gyoza were also decently priced, being RM5 for 3 pieces and RM10 for 6 pieces.

For the rice eater, fret not, there's quite a variety to choose from.

Don't believe this. Musashi P.Ramlee is now closed. Do I need to stress this more?

Their Musashi special sets are even more value for money. For RM26, you can get a ramen and rice set with a drink and a salad. Wow. LC went with a Chicken karaage set.

On top of the normal condiments of garlic chips, chilli powder and black pepper, you get a chilli oil as well. Because our noodles were already quite oily, we skipped it.

A chicken kaarage set comes with a Musashi ramen (minus the ajitama which was an add on) with 4 pieces of kaarage and a salad. LC was quite pleased with the ramen, noting that there probably isn't another ramen place which has good ramen at the price we were paying.

My Aka Musashi ramen came with spring onions which I sent back - I will not hesitate to send back food when I had specific instructions which it did not fulfill - and when it came back, there was less soup and a whole mountain of black fungus  :(

The ajitama was perfectly cooked - soft and flavorful with just a hint of runny yolk while the ramen was springy. The soup however was not as tasty as I remembered and even when I liberally sprinkled it with chilli powder, it still failed to fix the soup. It seemed to have lost that richness evident in pork broth and the chashu was too large a piece and slightly overcooked. I know it's weird to complain about big portions but it's difficult to eat a piece of meat as large as the bowl.

One more thing to note - unlike the Menya Musashi in 1 Utama, this outlet is 100% run by foreign workers. Yup, no Japanese chefs and Japanese waiters and definitely no entertaining roar when cooking.