Wednesday 10 June 2015

Warung Leko ~ The Curve

Warung Leko is located in the quieter part of The Curve - at the connecting bridge of The Curve and e-curve. LC has always wanted to bring me here but since I've only recently started eating beef again, he only had his chance much later.

The photo belongs to Warung Leko's Google+ account.

An order for 2 extra hot iga penyet, 2 white rice and 2 drinks was made and many, many moments later....

3 pieces of beef ribs on a thin layer of sambal appears! Please be warned that service is very slow.

The beef rib was perfectly marinated in Indonesian spices and fell over the bone so easily. It was tasty and tender and everything that delicious beef should be. I told LC - "This is how you convert people to eat beef la!". The only downside was that there was only 3-4 pieces per portion. Give me more darn it!

Please do not take the sambal for granted, this extra hot (off the menu) version had me continuously reaching for my drink. And even though they only give you a thin layer, it would be more than enough. Not only spicy, it was tasty and flavorful which creates this love-hate relationship with this evil sambal.