Monday 27 July 2015

Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo ~ Salak South Garden

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My colleague is in the midst of renovating his house at Salak South Garden so we've been having lunch in the area quite often. I have known Fatty Mok by location for the longest time - that yong tau foo shop right in the middle of Salak South! - but I've probably only eaten here once prior to this visit.

My colleague only comes here for curry mee so I picked up 2 items from their yong tau foo menu to try. The fu chuk was crispy and a bit greasy but soaked up the curry broth quite nicely. I would recommend eating this with curry because it goes so well together. The stuffed tofu was quite silky smooth but the stuffed fish meat was no big deal.

I ordered a curry kuey teow without cockles and it came generously with steamed chicken, tau fu pok and deep fried pork skin. The curry had a super thick consistency, almost like a gelatinous stew. Well-seasoned and fragrant, it had scents of lemongrass with bits of roughly chopped garlic and onion (not my favorite part but I believe it adds flavor to the stock). Together with the surprisingly smooth steamed chicken, it was a wholesome and hearty bowl of curry mee.

It was a sinful but majorly satisfying weekday lunch; this is probably something you'd not want to eat too often but the curry mee is good enough to warrant a second visit. I was also very pleased that day that my white blouse was still clean after the meal phew.

On a separate occasion, I decided to try their curry pork rib noodles instead of the usual. I believe the broth used is the same as the curry had a thick consistency as well. The pork ribs were well-seasoned, super tender and fell right off the bone with gelatinous bits intact. With the smooth silky smooth kuey teow and crispy fu chuk to lap up all that curry sauce, I couldn't leave anything behind and was in for a food coma 15 minutes later from overeating.

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