Friday 10 July 2015

Nexo ~ Nexus, Bangsar South

Update: Nexo closed down in 2016.

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I pass by Nexus weekly or biweekly because LC lives in the area but we seldom have meals at Nexus except for Tenmaya and occasionally a takeaway from Starbucks or Boost Juice. 

Little did I know, Nexo serves the prized iberico pork, the meat of the Spanish acorn-eating Black Iberian Pig. With high expectations, I recommended the restaurant for a family member's birthday without having first tried their food which was a bit exciting and adventurous, very unlike me.

We ordered 5 dishes to share among 4 people which should be just nice to fill all the greedy tummies but it turned out some dishes were in smaller portions than expected.

The Cold Cut Platter (RM55) was disappointing for the price paid. The sausage on the far left had a hint of spice and didn't have a porky smell. The smell however was evident in all the other cuts. The ham on the far right was rather tasteless for something that was cured. The other 2 items in the middle was rather forgettable due to the porky smell as well. I expected a mixed selection of flavorful and perhaps smoky cuts of meat butit didn't happen. The tomato bruchettas had an overly pungent minced tomato-onion-garlic mixture so I skipped it completely.

The fried paprika goat cheese had no taste of paprika and was oddly paired with honey which I felt, it could have done without. Also, 3 pieces for RM22? The price came as quite the shocker for the portion.

Cochinillo (RM55) is a suckling pork confit with crispy pork skin on shredded pork. There was no porky smell in the confit though I was prepared to get a full blast of porkiness and the meat was deliciously flavored with herbs. The mashed potatoes were fluffy and buttery while the piquillo salad had a freshness that cut through the carb-laden dish. There was no need for the mustard broth because the confit was tasty on it's own. I was however disappointed by the portion of the confit as it was gone within minutes!

The Iberico Paella (RM75) was requested to be cooked well-done unlike the harder texture of the original Spanish-style but the rice still came out rather hard. Although the portion was decent for sharing, I was surprised to get more bites of vegetables instead of Iberico backloin. However, with what little pork I had, the meat was very tender and flavorful. The dish was overall well seasoned though I daresay I had better paella elsewhere.

Pollo Asado Primavera (RM38), a marinated spring chicken with spring vegetables was surprisingly good in this pork centric establishment. The chicken breast was rather moist and the meat flavorful. I was not fond of the coleslaw as it had onions in it while the potatoes were soft and well-seasoned.

The waiting staff were exceptionally keen to clear the plates and utensils after we were done eating even while we were still browsing the menu, considering another dish to order. One waiter went out of her way to put her hand right in my dad's face to pick up a spoon instead of asking him to move aside. It was undeniably rude and we decided to call for the bill instead of ordering more.

Granted that most of the pork I ate did not have the porky smell, I was not wowed by the pork in this pork specialty place. I felt shortchanged for some items and my dad commented that everything lacked 'oomph'.

There also seems to be a massive increase in price. 
According to Eat Drink KL, the seafood paella was RM63, it is now RM78. Kampung Boy City Gal and Food n Frame has reviews on Nexo as well.