Monday 24 August 2015

The Daily Grind (Revisit) ~ Bangsar Village

It has been awhile since my last visit to The Daily Grind so for this year's Father's Day, we took the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with burgers and milkshakes.

I still believe that The Daily Grind serves the best milkshake in Klang Valley as the Chocolate & Hazelnut milkshake that LC and I shared was every bit rich and creamy  as I remembered. The Nutella inspired milkshake had strong flavors and was very satisfying.

LC's Superstar Slider was a sinful deep fried burger. I was impressed at how well fried the burger was - it seemed to be coated with a very light layer of batter then dunked in whole. You're first approached with a delicious meld of crunchy textures followed by a soft bun and a tasty beef patty. A must try if you're not on a diet.

I decided on the Portobello Moza Stack, a vegetarian burger which proved that vegetarian burgers are not necessarily boring, bland or unpalatable.

The whole portobello mushroom cap is topped with cheese, tomato slices and a dollop of pesto. Even though I'm not a big fan of basil pesto, this combination of the woody mushroom and the pesto was really good. I didn't miss the meat component too much and it turned out to be a filling burger even without a meat patty.

Other burgers ordered that day was the Classic Beef Burger which was well-received by my mum.

The towering Tempura mushrooms on the Japanese Yodel burger sat on a bed of sauteed mushrooms which was topped with a cheese fondue sauce. That is one sinful burger that my brother managed to finish.

My dad ordered the Lamburgerni which was one of the two lamb burgers on the menu. It was good too though he commented that he misses the thick lamb patty he had in the US.

To end the meal, I ordered a Chcolate Smores Pie and Old Fashioned Waffles.

The Chocolate Smores Pie was a pretty sight but the tart itself fell short of our expectations. The chocolate tasted cheap and I would have prepared a proper tart shell instead of the chocolate cinnamon mixture they used.

The Old Fashioned Waffles had wows all over my Facebook when I posted up a photo. The waffle was nice and fluffy while the strawberries were surprisingly sweet and the cream in right amounts even though it looks like it's overflowing (and I don't like whipped cream mind you!).

The Fisherman's Pie in my previous post is no longer available on the menu but the rest of the items are still available.

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