Monday 3 August 2015

Yeongyang Center (영양센터본점) ~ Myeong-dong, Seoul

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Pauline has eaten at Yeongyang Center before and loved the roast chicken here so we had to try it before we left Myeong-dong for Ewha Women's University area.

Boasting a 55 year heritage, Yeongyang Center specializes in samgyetang (삼계탕/계삼탕)  and whole roast chickens, tong dak gui (통닭구이)

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The bright orange exterior and the rotisserie chicken beckons you to their delicious food.

Look out for the buntings and you will be able to find your way there.

They offer 3 kinds of samgyetang and we opted for the 14,500 won option.

As for the tong dak gui, we opted for the 1/2 roasted chicken set meal at 9,500 won.

Even though the restaurant had a western feel to it, most patrons were in fact, Korean.

Service was prompt and our table was laid out within minutes of our order.

The samgyetang is a lighter version of Tosokchon's but delicious just the same. We could probably eat this at any time of the day as it was not as hearty and the ginseng flavor, milder. Pleasant and tasty with a dab of course salt and pepper.

The tong dak gui had an obvious western influence - it was served with a cream soup (tasted like it's made of starchy instant cream soup powder), a butter bun and a Korean styled salad with tomato ketchup and thousand island sauce. Salads with tomato ketchup is common in Korea - they always have it on top of thousand island sauce or mayonnaise. The pickled radish was sour and refreshing.

The chicken seemed more fried than roasted. It probably spent a long time on the rotisserie as the meat came right off the bone but at the same time, the skin was a little dry. Stick to the samgyetang, try the tong dak gui if you have a craving for crispy skin chicken but don't expect too much of it.

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