Monday 30 November 2015

Petite Audrey ~ Siam Center, Bangkok

Petite Audrey was a visit prompted obviously by it's name. That and also because they were listed as one of the best cafes to visit in Bangkok.

Bright and cheery, the beautifully decorated cafe was inviting and cosy if not for the crowd. We were here on a Thursday evening and the cafe was about 80% full.

LC was thoroughly amused the entire time we were there just by what was written in the menu..

"... a venue that offer(s) an extraordinary lifestyle"
"Do you have an extraordinary lifestyle?"

"Yeah, I've got Audrey on my mind"

"Are your dreams made of chocolate puffs with bananas and ice-cream?"

"This dish is so you. It has prawns in it!"

Yes, you can imagine how much name-puns he made during our visit.

Petite Audrey and it's sister cafes (other Audrey Cafes in Bangkok) focus on food creativity and a quick browse through the menu shows you just that.

Click to zoom in and you'll see each 'flower pot' has a different cake flavor, icing and flower design.

Another interesting section was the Sizzling Roti section. Sizzling bread? Really?

Because we were here for dessert after a delicious meal at Som Tum Nua, this page had our full attention. Their specialties were the Thai Tea Crepe Cake and the Milo Volcano Crepe Cake so we ordered just that.

And because we were still in the Thai Milk Tea craze, we ordered a milk tea to share.

Being a Lifestyle Cafe, great care is put into the design of the place whether it was the decor, the food presentation, the menu right down to the place mats. That's an intricately designed mat yo!

The Thai Milk Tea crepe cake was a feast for the eyes. Beautifully draped in milk tea sauce with layer upon uniformed layer of thin crepe and cream, the crepe cake fan in me did a little happy leap. As for the taste, it was rich, creamy and that slight bitterness of the tea sends you straight to Thai Milk tea heaven. This was a perfect representation of Thai Milk Tea in a crepe cake.

Covered in milky Milo sauce, Milo nuggets and Milo powder, the Milo Volcano crepe cake is a Milo fan's dream come true. The layers of chocolate crepe and vanilla creme was a beautiful pair with the toppings and I daresay that it's better than a lot of chocolate crepe cakes you can find in KL. 

Here's another angle of the crepe cake beauties.

And to convince you of it's uniformity, look at those beautiful layers!

A word of warning though - the crepe cakes are very rich. A piece of crepe cake should rightfully be shared by 2 people so we were 1 piece too much. We struggled through the 2 pieces even though they were so good!

The Thai Milk Tea tasted decent but not kaw enough for our taste buds. That's what happens when you're spoiled by the Cha Tra Mue kiosks. Cha Tra Mue is 'cheap, pretty and good' (say that in Cantonese) and abundant in Bangkok.

There are more Audrey Cafes located in Bangkok. The fanciest is at Emquartier, the 'Gardens Mall' or 'Pavillion KL' of Bangkok where all luxury brand boutiques are located including Pierre Herme macarons! 

As much as Bangkok is the 'Land of Street Food', our food adventure up to this point proved that Bangkok is more than that. 

They're also capable of the fancy!

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