Friday 11 December 2015

Melts' Philly Cheese Steak ~ Avenue K

Falling for drool-worthy food images is probably my biggest weakness. 

While organizing an event at Avenue K, the biggest question came around a little before lunch time:

"What to eat?"

A quick scroll on Avenue K's directory revealed that there was a Philly Cheese Steak diner named Melts in the building and this photo from Avenue K's website sealed the deal.

Are you salivating like we did?

So the ever gullible me with ever gullible friends in tow set out to find this diner. It's located right in front of  Presto Grocer. Take the lift down to the supermarket floor and you'll see the diner on your left.

Below is Time Out KL's gorgeous photo of this American-themed diner so you know that you're there when you get there. Click the image to have a look at Time Out KL's review.

The menu is made of subwiches, burritos, sandwiches, hotdogs, pasta and rice (which was probably created to cater Malaysian appetites), staying true to the diner experience with fries, nachos and onion rings among its very American sides. offpeak has beautiful photos of the menu items, sure to make you want to lick the screen.

My order of  a Philly Cheese Steak was freshly made. I could hear the clanging of stainless steel spatulas against the metal hot plate from the small window connecting to the kitchen.

The thinly-sliced beef strips had a stringy, almost pulled pork-like texture (Melts is halal by the way) which was well-seasoned and tender. I was impressed at how nice the texture of the beef was but a little disappointed at the cheese as I expected strong, creamy flavors but the cheese had a rather mellow taste.

The nachos however, I really liked!

Fresh from the deep-fryer, the crispy nachos were really good with just a hint of salt and tasted nothing like those that come from a commercial 3/4 air-filled bag. The salsa dip is served cold so you get a cold-hot contrast if you're into that sort of thing. I quite liked the nachos on its own.

The Philly Cheese Chicken looked pretty good as well. It had the same ingredients as the Philly Cheese Steak except for the meat. 

Melts is available for delivery via Foodpanda so if you'd like to try the subwiches without making a trip to Avenue K, you know what to do. Reviews are also available on Food Ink and Time Out KL - scroll up to the beginning of the post.