Friday 1 January 2016

An Authentically Thai Meal at Tiffin's by Chef Korn ~ Midvalley Megamall

Happy New Year 2016!

We at Deliciouslogy hope that you have a wonderful start to the year and that positive vibes stay with you all year long!

Here is another food review that is all Worthy Book's fault!

Tiffin's is the brainchild of Chef Korn Yodsuk, also the owner of Erawan in Kota Damansara. Fans of Food Network Asia will remember Erawan as Food Hero, Michele Lean's choice for 'Best Thing I Ever Ate' in Kuala Lumpur. Click here for the video. 

Located next to Daiso's upper floor, it's on the new mezzanine floor above Midvalley's rather new food court, Food Junction.

LC and I are big fans of Thai Milk Tea but I decided to give their Thai Milk Coffee a shot. Stick to their Thai Milk Tea. Rich and flavorful, it was good enough to bring back memories of Cha Tra Mue's Thai Milk Tea in Bangkok. 

The Thai Milk Coffee however had a rather muddy taste with weak coffee flavors. The color looked rather scary too.

We both ordered from the set menu which was a main dish + appetizers served in a tiffin carrier.

My Beef Ball Noodles [RM25.80 in a set] came with generous amounts of springy beef balls and chunks of tender beef and a choice of egg noodles or Thai rice noodles. The Thai version of thin kuey teow was cooked just right giving it a nice chew without being too hard.

I liked the fact that you're able to adjust the flavor of the broth to your liking, much like the way Thais do with little vials of fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and chilli flakes. I had dashes of chilli flakes and fish sauce in mine and it became a perfect, spicy and earthy broth good till the very last drop. LC constantly scooped spoons of broth because it was that good!

I cannot emphasize enough how good the Australian beef chunks were. Super tasty and tender, it was so good that it would 'convert the non-beef eater'.

The appetizers for the day was a piece of hugging prawn, slices of watermelon and a Thai salad. I didnt care much for the Thai salad at it was just sprigs of coriander, sliced raw onions, tomato chunks and sliced fish balls in a tangy Thai dressing. I only ate the fish balls. The hugging prawn was pretty good in the sweet and spicy sauce but if I could order an ala-carte meal, I would.

LC ordered a Stewed Pork Knuckle [RM19.80 in a set] which is a classic Thai street dish. You'll see plenty of these in Chatuchak and the stalls will chop bits of meat off the pork knuckle which stews for the whole day in a giant pot of stewing liquid.

Unfortunately, this dish was not comparable to the one by Chatuchak's road side and tasted very much like Chinese soy-braised pork. The meat was not as tender as expected which explains why LC was more interested in my Beef Ball Noodles. He also did a little recooking with the chilli flakes which came with my noodles - proof that the dish needs some flavor tweaking.

We couldn't pass on the Signature Classic Tom Yam Seafood [RM28.80, RM23.80 for Chicken] which came with generous amounts of prawn, squid and oyster mushrooms. We added a generous squeeze of lime, and all the chilli from the provided condiments plus some fish sauce from my condiments and it was perfect 

The chilli served with the tom yam is pounded to release all its spicy goodness and a short soak in the broth proved that it was a force to be reckoned with. Please add the chilli sparingly and taste the soup before you decide to dump all of it in - do not underestimate it like we did.

With Worthy Book, we got a free dessert and we picked a Thai Style Cendol with palm sugar syrup. The palm sugar had a surprisingly light color but had all the flavors of gula melaka. The cendol was good quality and didn't freeze in the cold concoction. We regretted ordering dessert only because we were stuffed to the brim in the end.

Tiffin's by Chef Korn was a wonderful Thai experience as we have not had good Thai food in awhile. The prices are a bit steep but dishes are large enough to share - the tom yam could have easily fed 3 people. I  look forward to coming back to sample other dishes like their Grilled Pork Neck and Green Curry and to also use that 15% bill discount voucher from Worthy Book!

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