Saturday 26 March 2016

The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar ~ Changkat Bukit Bintang

An old resident of the Changkat Bukit Bintang row, The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar often comes up in conversations with LC's family. After much talk, we finally paid the bar a visit which yielded surprising discoveries.

The food menu is available here while drinks are listed here.

Illy's coffee is served here and the Iced Latte was a good start to our sleepy Sunday brunch.

The first order of Fish & Chips was the Barramundi, a dark sea bass with chewy meat without the slightest whiff of fishy odor.

The Butterfish with a smooth texture of oily fish was a good inexpensive cod replacement but just as tasty and of almost the same quality.

Both dishes had lightly battered cutlets of meat, not wanting to distract you from the highlight which is the fish but still allowing it to shine with that lovely golden brown crust. The chips were nice thick cuts and deliciously carb-satisfying.

Even though it's rather blasphemous not to have Fish & Chips at a Fish & Chips Bar, fish & chips only make up a small portion of the menu (only 4 items!). The Sunday Roast, a popular item among diners came with a choice of roast lamb, beef or chicken complete with sides of roast potatoes and carrots, cauliflower cheese, yorkshire pudding and gravy. Despite the eye-pleasing dish, the roast was not outstanding (even though the lamb was tender) and the yorkshire pudding, without the eggy and custard-like qualities I associate it with .

As for me, I was immediately drawn to the Prawn Burger on the menu because hey, this is rare! 

The fat patty made of chopped shrimp and herbs was surprisingly decent. There was still some bite in the prawn and the patty wasn't too dry or too mushy. Rocket leaves with the bitter tang of freshness made a good pair with prawns and bear in mind, I'm not usually fond of rocket leaves.

I would have preferred a softer bun but that's just me. Anything with prawns is enough to make my day. Mmmm prawns!

The prices are a little upmarket but the food quality is pretty up there as well. Droves of locals and foreigners alike came in for brunch on the Sunday we were there and the restaurant was fully occupied by noon, a testament to their popularity.

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