Friday 1 April 2016

Authentic Japanese Taiyaki with a New Soft-Serve flavor at Tanoshii Dezato ~ da:mén USJ

Tanoshii Dezato is the newest dessert concept in town which combines taiyaki (鯛焼き), a Japanese fish-shaped cake snack with a topping of ice-cream.

楽しい, Tanoshii stands for pleasant, enjoyable, happy, merrydelightful and delectable. Their hot meets cold treats are made to incite all these vibes and sensations while preserving the Japanese heritage in which it comes from.

At the moment, Tanoshii Dezato is offering 4 different taiyaki fillings, 4 ice-cream toppings and 4 fruit toppings. 

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For those who want only taiyaki or ice-cream, there's an ala carte menu so you can have either or.

Image from Tanoshii Dezato's Facebook
And for those can eat more than one, there's the Match Play Combo featuring 2 items per combo.

Taiyaki made at Tanoshii Dezato uses ingredients and materials from Japan, conserving a flavor that is authentically Japanese. The chewy texture encased in the nice crisp crust was enjoyable and closely resembles our local kaya ball. Japanese taiyaki varies from the chewy, cakey variety to the crispy thin crusted kind. A lot of R&D has gone into making the perfect taiyaki. We've been told that it takes about 8-10 minutes to produce each of them.

For flavors, there's a fragrant sweet red bean. an earthy matcha with strong green tea flavor, an eggy custard and the all-time-favorite chocolate that would appeal to all. All the flavors were pretty good though the chunky red bean paste with whole beans was the one I found most delightful.

Ice-cream being piped to serve the hungry people

A new delicate lilac pink soft-serve flavor will start piping today in conjunction with the beginning of spring in Japan. We had a good game of guess the flavor while having happy mouthfuls of silky and creamy ice-cream.

Yam? Purple Sweet Potato? Red Bean? Sour Plum? One even said 'I have no idea but it's delicious'

I thought it tasted like a merry medley of yam and red bean. Lightly sweetened, there was a pleasant floral flavor which I couldn't put my finger on.


Tanoshii Dezato presents a new flavor for Spring 2016 : 
はる さくら | Haru Sakura | Spring Sakura

The elegant flavor of the sakura was delectable, wholly enjoyed when eaten on it's own. Nothing like the strong, syrupy flavors we usually associate with floral flavors (think rose, lavendar, chamomile or even chrysanthemum), there was something whimsical about having sakura ice-cream in spring, even if you're not in Japan to enjoy hanami.

When it came to having the ice-cream with the taiyaki, you get a little skewer of fruit for some sweetness with a scoop equivalent amount of soft-serve. One thing I liked about the taiyaki is that it's not hollow - the curve of the fish's mouth hold's the ice-cream and forms a little block between the ice-cream and the taiyaki. This is so that you won't get a soggy taiyaki. Brilliant!

For those who prefer to have that hot and cold combination, the reviews below tell you to use the little skewer to make holes beneath the ice-cream and slowly tuck the ice-cream in till you get an ice-cream sandwich. 

Other reviews can be found at Apple Foodees, Finding Fats and Vkeong though these are reviews for the Tropicana City Mall outlet. The da:mén outlet was opened just before Chinese New Year 2016.

Thank you Tanoshii Dezato for having us! It was indeed a tanoshii experience for all of us. This was an invited review for Comic Fiesta which I happen to be a part of. Check out all the awesome stuff we do through our Facebook. The views expressed here are entirely Deliciouslogy's own. 

P/S: Did you see all the 'tanoshii' words in this review? *winks