Wednesday 6 April 2016

Mcdonald's Hong Kong

When visiting a foreign country, I try to make it a point to try the Mcdonald's there. Some items are country specific and we found a items we loved at the Nathan Road branch.

In Hong Kong, food outlets are very efficient, especially those that attract huge crowds such as MCD. You order and pick up at different counters to ease congestion and confusion and this is a concept our Malaysian MCD should pick up!

Also available are one person cubicles so that you don't get weird stares for hogging tables meant for 2 people or more. A good utilization of space as well.

On the tray is a Beef Prosperity Burger set with an ala carte 6 piece chicken nuggets and ala carte red bean pie.

Yes, you read right. Red Bean Pie. It was delicious! There where whole beans instead of mashed pieces so you get a nice texture with not too much sweetness. If only they'd bring this to Malaysia!

The Beef Prosperity Burger was not too outstanding but had notably better beef quality compared to the Malaysian counterpart. The nuggets and fries were not too special either. I remember having delicious fries in Mcdonald's Japan so I was hoping it would be as good in Hong Kong.

A McCafe item that appeared in Hong Kong before Malaysia is the Salted Caramel Latte. We got so excited seeing the ad in a MTR station so we ordered some to try. It was pleasantly salty, sweet with hints of burnt from the caramel but balanced without any overwhelming flavors. It was so good that we stopped by another outlet after dinner one day just for more salted caramel latte. I've not tried the Malaysian version, fingers crossed that it's just as good.

It may be unusual to have Mcdonald's in a foreign country especially when there's better food but if you click the McCafe menu linked above, I'm pretty sure you'll be tempted. They have additional items such as marshmallow lattes, ciabatta panninis and green tea latte. Kenapa Malaysia takde?