Friday 8 July 2016

The Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie ~ Sri Petaling

I know I shouldn't summarize my opinion about a place at the beginning of a review but I felt the need to, this time around.

In the words of LC - effing expensive.

Zoom in to see how much we spent during this one visit.

Sadly, I couldn't agree more.

LC came across this place being promoted on and was captivated enough to suggest this place for dessert.

The place is indeed tiny with only about 10 tables in the air-conditioned area and probably 3-4 tables al fresco. The weather does not permit al fresco dining lately so we waited for a table to clear up indoors.

Tiny Temptress is located above the ground floor and if you miss the pastel pink sign painted on the wall towards the lift, you'd be on a wild goose chase like LC and I. We had to look for the address on their Facebook page then tracked down the place based on the unit number.

The pastel colored everything is absolutely adorable - my favorite being the tri-colored hanging lamps. Geometrical shapes seem to be a persistent theme too. Plenty of color block triangles, rectangles and hexagons eh?

Don't forget the quirky table number holders and signs. Almost wanted to order ice-cream just to ask what's colder than my ex's heart *winks*,

Click to zoom into the menu

The menu is straightforward - desserts and drinks are all they have.

Zoom in to have a closer look

Clockwise from top left:
Le'Affection, The Sweetheart, Tarte Au Citron Meringue, The Temptress, Bear Necessity & Cloud 9

I'd have to admit. The cakes did look very fine in the details that adorned it and also in flavors that it produced. More on that later.

Zoom in to have a closer look

From left:
Lychee Rose, Milk Orange, Passionfruit, Salted Egg Yolk, Caramelized White Chocolate, Mint, Oolong Milk, Almond & Dark Chocolate

For the teddy macarons:
Dark Chocolate, Lychee Rose, Raspberry & Lemon

Just looking at the macarons left me a little skeptical but we decided to try it anyway.

Our first order was a Salted Egg Yolk macaron, a mini Passionfruit macaron and a Bear Necessity cake. We also had 2 glasses of iced coffee, a latte and a mocha.

The Salted Egg Yolk macaron which is the specialty of Tiny Temptress is highly overpriced, riding on the salted egg yolk craze. Could you imagine - every quarter that you bite off the macaron costs RM2.50 a bite? I shudder at the thought now that I've eaten it. No wonder that macaron looks so happy.

The Bear Necessity cake was really good. It was a nice balance of cake, mousse, biscuit crust plus hints of passionfruit. I understand why this is recommended.

My biggest gripe about this place is the awful coffee. Bitter, burnt-tasting and sour. Couldn't think of a worse combination. The mocha didn't fair any better. LC makes better coffee.

All the macarons had a paste filling which didn't contribute any moisture to the dense macaron shells. The filling seemed to concentrate in the centre of the macaron leaving the sides dry and crumbly. Not to mention the lack of a glossy macaron shell raised the suspicion that the macarons were made with egg white powder and not actual gloss-producing egg whites.

Out of the four macarons we picked, my least favorite was the Oolong Milk. The mixture of oolong and milk was strange and the milk flavor came across too strong. The oolong flavor took a really long while to appear after being overshadowed by all that milk. A very weird flavor.

The Mint Chocolate macaron and Caramelized White Chocolate was alright. I wished for stronger chocolate flavors in the Mint Chocolate while the Caramelized White Chocolate should just be called caramel because I couldn't detect any white chocolate.

The Lychee Rose was surprisingly our favorite. There were really subtle notes of rose in the macaron shell while the filling had a nice sour and sweet lychee flavor. We enjoyed this flavor combination even though we're not usually fond of rose-flavored food.

Tiny Temptress' specialty is indeed the cakes and only the cakes. The macarons are expensive for the quality. (Psst TWG macarons are only RM5 each) and the coffee is an experience I'd only want once, if never. Go for the atmosphere if dolled-up selfies with pretty food are your thing - almost a must among the patrons making me feel left out. I was wondering if anyone was actually there for the food.