Wednesday 27 July 2016

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe ~ Taman Desa

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe has lots and lots of hype on social media - be it the aerial shots of it's famous souffle or photos of the cute pentagon window overlooking the kitchen area from the outside.

I've always wanted to go but the opportunity only came recently - I'm on a break in between jobs!

The menu comprises of about a dozen items - coffee and tea for drinks, 3 types of ciabatta sandwiches, a salad, 3 lava cakes and their signature souffle.

The milk coffee (RM10) was really good - smooth with almost no acidity, the bitterness was also at an all time low. It was very easy to drink and was comparable to coffee LC makes with his aeropress. It was the favorite part of my visit.

The ciabatta sandwich had choices of ham and cheese, smoked salmon and another option which I cannot recall. All the sandwiches are served with a scoop of mayo egg and grilled vegetables. I was surprised to see eryngii mushroom served among the grilled brinjal and zucchini. All the vegetables were seasoned well and the rest of the delicious flavors were from the grill - I would have liked more of it.

I did a little spread of egg mayo in the ham and cheese sandwich so it came out a little messy. You get a light spread of mustard with slices of tomato, lettuce, a big slice of chicken ham and melted cheese. The ciabatta was fluffy and chewy with enough of everything to make it a good sandwich. The downside? RM20 for such a simple sandwich, that's quite cut-throat. 

The vanilla souffle (RM17) arrived piping hot in all its puffed glory. You get a choice of calamansi or pomegranate granita and a syrup of either orange or osmanthus maple. I picked a pomegranate granita and a osmanthus maple syrup.

I could feel the heat radiating from the ramekin and almost burnt my tongue at my first mouthful of souffle. It was then I found another reason for the granita - to cool burnt tongues!

You'll never know how soft a souffle is until you put a spoon in it. This video shows how pillowy soft it was.  

I'd describe it as a really delicate, creamy and smooth egg pudding with a nice crust that reminds you it's actually part cake. And look real vanilla! Fans of creme caramel, egg and milk pudding as well as creme brulee would absolutely love this. I only discovered I belong to the latter when I ate this. Nevertheless, the souffle was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. The hype was real.

The osmanthus maple was a little sweet, naturally but it added a dimension of flavor to the eggy souffle. It made a lovely pair. In between mouthfuls of warm souffle, the sour granita made a nice palate cleanser, readying you for another bite of creamy souffle.

I'm quite glad that I made the time to visit this place. If there was a service charge levied, I would have gladly paid it for the absolutely attentive service Desmond provided. Couple that with good food and a really relaxing atmosphere (I loved how bright and cheery it was), it's clear to see why Wild Sheep Chase is worth visiting.