Thursday 25 August 2016

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee & Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng in Penang

The 2 places mentioned here share something in common - they're both named after the road in which they're located because there's no actual shop name! After bowls and bowls of curry noodles at Lorong Seratus Tahun, SS2, I have finally made it to the original Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang!

During the last Penang trip, we had an opening in our eating schedule for a bowl of Penang White Curry Noodles. Search on your GPS and you'll find a Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang. The restaurant is unnamed so just look for the road and head over. You'll be able to find the corner shop without trouble.

It lives up to its name of being white curry - a thin, sweet and milky broth made with meat stock with just a hint of curry flavor. It's very different from KL's curry laksa which is heavy on curry flavor and gives of a yellow hue.

A standard bowl comes with pork blood cubes but you can request for a bowl without them. The chilli paste provided at Lorong Seratus Tahun is a mixutre of roughly ground lemongrass, chilli and other aromatics so it'll be very different from the KL version of sticky and finely mashed paste. You'll definitely get small ungrounded bits of lemongrass and chilli seeds not pounded into a fine mix but there's something nice about the unrefined version

The ingredients served with the noodles were fresh and abundant - the cuttlefish  was cooked perfectly, not rubbery while the taufu pok was conveniently cut into smaller quarter sized pieces to avoid the curry squirt that causes choking during curry mee consumption. You also get some fresh blanched prawns.

You'll see customers of all walks of life eating here attesting to its popularity. We spotted students, working professionals and of course, there's us, the KL tourists. A standard bowl is 5.50 while a large bowl with double of all the ingredients (including noodles) will cost you almost double, RM9.50


After the curry mee, we had a little space left for Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.  Despite there being a few food stalls at Bangkok Lane, 90% of the patrons were here for mee goreng.

For a portion with egg and sotong, it costed RM10 a plate unlike what was written on the sign.

The mamak dishing out plates of mee goreng spoke fluent Hokkien putting the Chinese in me to shame.

The mixture of pasembur ingredients, noodles, egg and sotong sambal were cooked to perfection with the slightest bit of moisture, just the way I like it. Egg clings to every strand of noodle and with every mouthful, a slice of chewy sotong. The raw lettuce is a nice equalizer to the heavy mix of sweet and salty while the acidic squeeze of calamansi lime added some freshness. The portion is really large that the 4 of us shared 2 plates.

After you've had your fill, walk down Bangkok Lane to enjoy the scenery of old houses.

Definitely a meal well done.