Monday 15 August 2016

Yung Kee Beef Ball & Brisket Noodles at Kwai Hup Restaurant ~ Jalan Kancil, Pudu

After having beef brisket noodles in Hong Kong, I'm now always keen to try beef ball and brisket noodles in KL. I was introduced to Yung Kee beef noodles by an ex-colleague and this is one good beef noodles worth sharing.

The noodles come in 2 styles - soup and dry. 

I am a fan of the soup version. There's a herbal undertone in the soup with earthy and meaty flavors all in one. Even though the cook is said to have gone to Hong Kong to learn from the beef noodle masters, he has definitely created a style of his own. If you're expecting the thick HK-styled broth with strong beef flavors, this soup is not so much like that. If you're thinking bak kut teh like broth, this is a notch below. It's more like a clear soup with all sediment of fats and meat strained away.

The meat that comes with the noodles is very tender and the beef balls bouncy and tasty. This is my favorite beef soup noodles in KL at the moment and I highly recommend it.

The dry version is rather interesting. It's serve with a dash of thick black sauce and a big scoop of sticky sauce which has the same herbal taste as the soup. When you mix everything together, you get a gooey, gelatinous consistency. LC likes the dry version more than the soup but said that lou shi fun doesn't go very well with the dry style. His second bowl of kuey teow and yellow noodles was better.

I've honestly never seen kon lou (dry) noodles cooked this way. It does however still taste decent. Not sure what the peanuts are supposed to help with. Texture perhaps? I'll stick to my hearty soup version for now.

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