Wednesday 8 February 2017

Fend Ikan Bakar ~ Jalan SS6/16A Dataran Glomac

Do you have a favorite ikan bakar place? I don't, which is why Fend Ikan Bakar intrigued me so much. I've definitely eaten more sweet and sour Portugese-styled ikan bakar in my lifetime so I was excited to try something new when Ezel mentioned Fend. 

I was unlucky that the first time Ezel and I went, it was closed. The ikan bakar meal was then sadly replaced by a meal at Murni Discovery instead. Ugh. Fend Ikan Bakar is open Tuesdays to Fridays till 10pm so you know when not to go. Also, they've moved once or twice in Kelana Jaya so don't be misled by Google Maps. Their current location is here.

The first time LC and I were there, I had a small ikan pari. The portion tends to vary depending on the cook so if you'd like an exact size, pick it out yourself at the grill. The pari was beautifully charred and smothered with a tasty sauce which is also served to you as a dipping sauce alongside a fish curry sans fish. The fish came off the bone in beautiful flakes and was not overcooked nor undercooked.

During our second visit, the ayam penyet stall in front of the shop was open so we had a portion to go with the fish. Look at the amount of chicken we got for RM8! We ordered 2 large portions of pari this time which turned out to be too much in the end for 2 people. The ayam penyet was pretty good. The chicken was well-cooked, not too dry but the sambal served with the chicken wasn't spicy enough. We had to ask for more sambal!

There's also another stall here that serves tom yam so if you'd like variety, there's just enough. The star however is definitely the ikan bakar. Can't wait to have more!