Thursday 16 February 2017

Oregi Restaurant ~ SS 15

LC was rather excited to bring me to Oregi - it's a middle eastern and western fusion restaurant with superb lamb dishes! Not convinced? Just watch the video below.

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Have you every seen lamb so tender?

Besides food, Oregi is known for their shisha options. You get to pick from over 20 flavors here. There's also a dedicated outdoor area comfortable for the shisha crowd.

LC had dinner once here with his mates and finally had the opportunity to bring me for food here recently. The shop is unassuming with the colorful logo text and the odd shaped logo and could use some upkeep but look past all that and have a look at the menu.

Click the menu to zoom in!

Oregi's Signature Drink was simple and refreshing, easily replicated at home. The mixture of lemon, mint, sugar and soda water is an awesome thirst quencher and a good refresher in between the heavily spiced meal.

This dish may not look very appetizing but the Foul Mashed Beans is absolutely delicious! Arabic broad beans are stewed in aromatic Arabian spices then mashed. There's bits of tomato, and capsicum which varies the texture while the hot pot its served in gives it a slight charred flavor. A quick search online results in recipes of Foul Moudamas. a vegetarian breakfast dish which is served with raw vegetables like onion rings, tomatoes and parsley. Thank goodness the ones served at Oregi doesn't have it!

The beans is served with Arabic bread and a spicy chilli sauce. All together, it could be a filling and somewhat healthy breakfast.

LC ordered a Lamb Madggot rice which despite its name has nothing to do with maggots. Tender NZ lamb cubes are braised in a tomato and potato paste infusion as well as Arabian herbs and spices. It tastes as good as it sounds. The Madggot rice is a long grain rice which tastes quite close to Malay nasi tomato. It tastes like it has been cooked in a broth with a predominant tomato flavor.

I had a Lamb Haneeth Kabsa rice which is braised lamb cubes in foil. It tastes quite similar to the lamb from the Lamb Madggot rice but this is compacted with chopped onions, tomatoes and peppers giving it a slight additional fragrance. I like both versions, they're equally good. I still can't get over how tender and tasty the lamb here tastes.

What's different however is the flavor of the rice in both dishes. The Kabsa rice tastes similar to briyani rice where it's cooked in a meat based broth along with dried spices.

I'm very glad that LC introduced me to Oregi. I now have a favorite middle eastern restaurant after the one near my place shut down. I would love to try the pasta dishes here as well - it comes in 3 sizes ranging from small to large with the most expensive only costing RM23.90! Now that's worth the money.