Sunday 5 March 2017

I am 80s Cafe ~ Kelana Jaya

I am 80s Cafe was recommended to me as a place with good coffee within the vicinity of my new office. Curious, I had a takeaway latte one day and hey, it was pretty good!

So I was determined to come back for meal another day and the opportunity presented itself recently when LC had a weekday lunch with me. 

I always wondered why the shop seemed empty but I was actually very, very wrong. There is a hidden basement level, bad for those who are claustrophobic, cozy for those who aren't. The staircase that led us downstairs was pretty cute and decorated with nostalgic paraphernalia.

They don't serve lunch sets here - a big disadvantage for my wallet. 

I ordered a hot latte - stick with what you know and what you're confident with.

And a chicken mushroom roll. It looked like a cordon bleu at first glance but cutting into it revealed finely mashed earthy mushrooms. The chicken and mushroom mixture was okay, the meat tender though I would've preferred chunks of mushroom instead of the mashed mushrooms.

The mashed potato tasted a bit chalky, probably overwhipped. It also lacked butter and milk, relying solely on the brown sauce for flavor. The vegetables served were well cooked so no complaints there 

LC had a creamy smoked salmon pasta with ebiko and a honey lemon drink. The smoked salmon was nice but a little salty for my taste. The pasta sauce was nice and creamy. It was a decent dish.

Lunch was a whooping RM80+ here including taxes. It's definitely outside the range of any of our lunch budgets. For the price paid and the food quality we good, it's safe to say I'll think long and hard before coming here for a meal. A takeaway coffee is fine though!