Monday 19 June 2017

Poulet, Vivocity, Singapore

My best friend has moved to Singapore and as sad as that sounds, I seem to see her more often than ever. Short work trips seem to bring me to Singapore quite often and every time I'm there, of course, I'm with her. In a recent gathering of Malaysian friends who happen to be in Singapore at the time, I had one of the best meals I've ever had in Singapore.

Poulet which is French for chicken (the cooked ones, not the live ones) is a French restaurant specializing in French roast chicken. There are many branches in Singapore though I don't know the quality of the food from one restaurant to the other. For a table of 5, we had a whole roast chicken, 2 truffled mash potato, a salad, a dish of meatballs, a medley of mushrooms and 2 desserts - a creme brulee and a tiramisu, all for a decent SGD 27.20 per person.

Though I found the Salad de Paris and Meatballs Diane to be no big deal, the Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, and Truffled Mash Potato was delicious! The smooth mash potato laced with truffle oil made me want to purchase a bottle of expensive truffle oil just to reproduce truffled mash in the comfort of my home.

The pièce de résistance was of course the roast chicken. So absolutely tender it was that chunks of meat easily came away from the bone with just the touch of a spoon. The chicken skin beautifully golden and wonderfully seasoned while the meat underneath was supple and tender. A Mushroom Chardonnay sauce was selected out of the 5 sauces and it was a perfect pair of rich and creamy with roast and salty flavors (there are 4 other sauces to pick from - Lemon, Black Pepper, Diane or Cranberry).

As for desserts, I wasn't too impressed with the creme brulee and tiramisu but they were a nice sweet ending to the meal.

I definitely would not mind coming back for another meal at Poulet. It was definitely an impressive meal and dollar for dollar, a good deal per person - if only the Singapore Dollar was not 3x of the Malaysian Ringgit now!