Friday 1 June 2018

Osulloc Tea House ~ Myeongdong

If you search from Korean tea houses in Seoul, there's a good chance that Osulloc is at the top of many recommendation lists and unfortunately, I'm about to tell you why it should be right at the bottom instead.

We visited the famous Myeongdong branch which is located on the Myeongdong shopping street as you exit the Myeongdong station at Exit 6.

The interior of the tea house smells delicious with brewed tea for sampling right at the entrance and the food counter right after. The tea house spans through 3 floors so fret not if you can't find a seat downstairs. The top floor had plenty of seats when we were there.

LC and I had a green tea tiramisu, a hot Sejac tea and a Green Tea O Fredo set to share (20,000 won). Jas had a green tea roll cake and hot green tea latte set for 11,500 won. The Green Tea O Fredo was made of a ice-blended green tea latte topped with a scoop of green tea ice cream. I expected the ice-cream to have a stronger green tea flavor and it was surprisingly chunky with ice. I dare say that Malaysia has far better green tea ice-cream. The green tea tiramisu was okay but once again, no big deal. My favorite item in the set was the Sejac tea. Osulloc's first award-winning tea, the Sejac tea has the flavor of young tea leaves, the flavor is close to the Japanese Sencha.

After conversion, for the price I paid, I could've had at least 3 green tea parfaits at Nana's Green Tea in KL which had better tasting green tea ice-cream and drinks. Granted, the Sejac tea was really good but it's comparable to a glass of Sencha tea at Nana's. I was really disappointed.

With the price you pay at Osulloc, it would be more value for money if you have a lobster roll or a cheese baked scallop at the Myeongdong street food section. I'd save my money for a lobster roll 😉

Osulloc's menu can be found here. However, the menu was slightly different in-store where there were more sets for you to pick from.