Saturday 2 March 2019

7 Spice ~ Danga Bay, Johor

7 Spice was first discovered on a work trip and it was such a good experience that we had it for dinner twice in the 3 nights that we were in Johor and subsequently whenever we can while in Johor!

Here are a few items we've had there 

Gobi 65 - it was crunchy and well-seasoned. The portion was large enough to be an alternative vegetable dish if you wanted something non-saucy.

Paneer Butter Masala (bottom right) - I actually learned that paneer tastes awesome cooked butter masala style after ordering it for the first time at 7 Spice. The paneer was nice and milky while the butter masala sauce is easily the best I've had in Malaysia. Creamy, buttery and fragrant, it had a really thick consistency that was surprisingly not starchy and really satisfying.

Chicken Butter Masala - The butter masala sauce is definitely a great pairing with chicken as it is with paneer. The chicken in the butter masala here is tandoori chicken which on its own is very well seasoned already so the dish really has to be paired with rice or bread.

Claypot Lamb Curry - I was very surprised to find that the curry is had some lamb shank in it! It was very worth the RM34 with the oh-so-tender meat and for the large portion. The curry was tasty and packed with spices so this isn't a mild curry to say the least.

Palak Paneer - The palak paneer in 7 Spice is one of my favorite dishes here and their palak paneer is one of the nicest I've ever had! The paneer doesn't have much of a bite but it's rather thick and very tasty.

Mango Kulfi - Fragrant from the mango and the coconut milk. It was everybody's favorite dessert here.

Gulab Jamun - As always, Gulab Jamun is always way too sweet for my palate but I'd always cave in and want to try the Gulab Jamun when dining at an Indian restaurant for the first time. The cardamom flavor in the syrup wasn't cloying which made it pleasant but the sweetness, I'll never get used to. The gulab jamun on its own had a nice ghee flavor.

Jira Rice - Fragrant with the scent of ghee and cumin, it was surprisingly not overpowering.

Ghee Rice - Similar to the jira rice minus the cumin.

Overall, we enjoyed most dishes we have had here, maybe some more than others (pssst Butter Masala & Palak Paneer) and look forward to dining here every time we're in Johor. 

If you are at a lost of what to eat while in Johor and enjoy Indian food, do give them a go, there's surely something that tickles your fancy.


7 Spice
G-01, Block 5, Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, Danga Bay, 80200 Johor Bahru
Open daily from 11am to 11pm