Sunday 1 August 2021

Qing He Gu ~ Damansara Uptown

This restaurant visit was pre-pandemic and this review is very overdue.

When the craving hits for Korean food & Korean BBQ (which is more often than I expect) and there's a reason for celebration, Qing He Gu is a top choice for group meals among friends and colleagues.

The barbeque style here is over a charcoal fire, slowly and steady with plenty of TLC. The grill is a fine mesh and perhaps contributes to even cooking while locking in all the meat's juices. The staff does the cooking here so take your time and nibble at the side dishes or some jjigae while you wait.

Side dishes here are worth mentioning - there are 6 which defers from to time to time. This particular meal, we got a lettuce kimchi, a sausage & vegetables stir-fry, a lettuce salad, blanched beansprouts, pumpkin stewed in honey with red dates and a radish kimchi. 

Everyone's favorite was the kimchi - less fermented than usual and a little sweeter but still pretty acidic. It's enjoyable even for a non-kimchi eater like myself. 

The pumpkin tastes more like a dessert because of the honey its stewed in. The flavor of the honey is strong in every bite. It's my favorite side dish here.

The rest of the side dishes are pretty good as well but not as noteworthy as the lettuce kimchi and pumpkin. Side dishes are only refillable twice and that's a little sad for large tables where everything would disappear quickly.

Mixed sausage stew - this was the first dish I ate here. Even though the portion is said to be for 2, it can feed up to 4 people if you order an additional dish for variety. The stew is tasty and hearty. Lots of ingredients are added, naturally flavoring the broth.

Rib of Pork (280g) - with a bulgogi-like marinade, the pork ribs were tender and juicy! It's not the short rib kind so you get lots of meat with just one rib bone.

Pork Roast with salt & pepper (150g) - it may not have a strong marinade but the pork didn't have an intense porky smell. The cut of meat has enough fat to keep it moist and tender. I surprisingly enjoyed this a lot.


Seasoned Beef Rib (300g) - the beef is of good quality with the same marinade used in the pork. Also just one rib bone here so you get lots of meat.

Japchae - Qing He Gu's rendition is excellent! Well-seasoned and full of ingredients, the slightly sweet and salty flavor is really addictive.


Sundubu Jjigae - I'm a sucker for soft tofu stew and Qing He Gu's doesn't disappoint. Tasty broth with soft tofu, it's hearty with lots of vegetables and seafood.

Stir Fried Rice Cake - spicy, sweet and salty, the toppoki here was delicious with 2 whole hard boiled eggs, plenty of topokki, fish cake and vegetables.

The quality of the food and the flavor has been consistent throughout the years I've eaten there (but strangely have not posted a review) and even during the pandemic takeaway.

I know that Korean BBQ is usually the last thing on most people's minds for takeaway as Korean BBQ is not just food, it's also an experience. But with our current circumstances, Qing He Gu has proven to me that it can still be very much enjoyed at home and in fact it's much better without the noisy atmosphere and stepping out of the restaurant smelling like barbeque!

This was a takeaway of japchae, barbequed sliced beef and sundubu jjigae. The packaging was impeccable. So neat and well organized and most importantly, everything that would usually be available at the restaurant was included in the meal!


Portions did not shrink and the quality wasn't affected. Sauces and condiments were all provided. The only part I guess I miss is getting banchan refills but let's be real, this is a decent amount of food for 2 pax.


Qing He Gu has decently-priced bento boxes available for lunch which includes stir-fries and Korean BBQ options so do give them a try for a satisfying and delicious meal. Restaurants too are struggling and I would very much like my favorite Korean BBQ place to survive this horrid pandemic.


Qing He Gu
82, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7732 6655