Wednesday 4 December 2019

HK Porky Noodle House ~ SS2 Chow Yang, PJ

Pork noodles are hard to find at night as its predominantly a day-time food. Fortunately, HK Porky Noodle House in SS2 Chow Yang is opened 10am to 9pm so there's pork noodles available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!

Options are abundant here from the usual pork slices and minced pork patties to innards, pork belly slices, meatballs and some seafood for those who want a little extra. Have it in a dry form or soup and for those who are on a ketogenic diet, there's an option to completely cut out the carbs!

During my first visit, I had the dry version and there was plenty of meat to go around. There was no strong porky smell and the soup is on the savory side with only a slight touch of sweetness. The dry noodles however could use some soy sauce to enhance the flavor.

I've stuck to their soup noodles in all my subsequent visits and I'm pleased to have found a consistent fail-safe pork noodles that is worth the money time after time. I run out of noodles to accompany the meat cause there's just lots of meat to go around - just look at the photo above. The pork meatballs have bits of dried squid mixed in - fragrant with a nice bite, my favorite kind! It's a satisfying meal every time the craving hits or if I feel under the weather. 

The kopi ping is decent here as well though they don't have a teh ping (why la?) on the menu which is my usual go-to drink. It's a pretty tall glass so I run out of stomach space halfway through because of all the soup drinking.

Consistent and opens all day, two factors that make HK Porky Noodle House worth visiting over and over again.


HK Porky Noodle House
40, Jalan SS 2/10, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opens 10 am - 9pm daily except Thursdays