Friday 28 February 2020

Roti & Kopi House ~ Damansara Uptown

One of the few coffee houses that serve Malaysian Liberica coffee recently opened in Damansara Uptown! The tiger-themed Roti & Kopi House is located on ground level of Tower C in Uptown 5. Uptown 5 is the building facing Standard Chartered bank and the second Family Mart branch, an easy find.

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Their menu is made of Malaysian favorites as well as sandwiches and toast with very Malaysian flavors. There's definitely a nice variety to choose from and I like how there are watercolor images of the dishes instead of actual photos, very pretty.

Lunch sets are available for a value-for-money meal. You get a choice of 4 mains and a drink from a fixed lunch menu.


I wasn't feeling particularly well that day so I opted for some light bites instead of a full meal but I'd like to try other menu items another time. Cheese, toasted almonds, kaya and butter didn't really sound like a good combination for a panini toast but it turned out great! The cheese is toasted on the outer side of the bread so there's a crunchy salty crust. 

This combination of savory on the outside and sweet on the inside turned out so well that we added on an order for the Roti Tiger with peanut butter and chocolate. 

Even though we liked the kaya and butter option more, the peanut butter and chocolate toast was good too. There was also more toasted cheese on this one. Savory and sweet, mmm... very nice.

The Liberica coffee is served with brown sugar syrup and evaporated milk. When mixed with the sugar and milk, the coffee had fruity and sweet notes without a sour aftertaste. It was surprisingly pleasant but it doesn't suit my strong, smooth, minimum acidity preference. I would however recommend this to those who are curious about the taste of Liberica coffee. There aren't many places in Klang Valley serving this rare gem.

The cendol turned out meh as the cendol froze and the jagung flavor overwhelmed the whole drink. The coconut milk and gula melaka was hardly noticeable so the drink ended up bland after being watered down by the ice.

The Nasi Lemak Harimau is served on a tray-like plate which gives off the illusion of a large portion. It's actually just a really large plate but there's plenty on the plate to keep it interesting. The sambal is sweet and spicy and the hard boiled eggs lightly fried on the outside so there's an interesting contrasting texture like in sambal telur. The highlight of the Nasi Lemak Harimau was the ayam goreng berempah and the otak serai. The ayam goreng had a strong rempah flavor and was fried really well, moist with crispy skin. The otak serai is otak-otak wrapped around a stick of lemongrass then fried. It was almost like eating a fried fish satay.

Food here has good flavor overall and I appreciate the beautifully-presented mix of traditional and modern. There's plenty to try so I would be back perhaps for their Roti Toast - Rendang or Nasi Lemak?


Roti & Kopi House
101C, Level 1, Tower C
Uptown 5, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open weekdays 7 am - 7 pm, weekends 8 am - 8 pm