Thursday 28 May 2020

Bon Appétit Recipe Test : Cinnamon Oat Peach Crisp

I admit for this recipe, I was trying to use up a can of peaches I've had for a while. Fresh peaches are expensive in our tropical country that doesn't produce them and it's not readily available like other imported fruit.

I've also wanted to try making a cobbler for a while so this was the perfect opportunity of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. This recipe is featured on the Bon Appétit website but isn't actually a BA test kitchen product. It's by B's Cracklin' BBQ, a barbecue joint in Savannah, Georgia but hey, if it's good enough to be featured, I'm willing to try it.

I halved the recipe as I had more or less a kg of peaches (actually less haha) and half the recipe called for a kg of peaches. It's a straightforward recipe with simple ingredients but because my butter was too cold, I ended up using two forks to slowly mash the butter into the dry mix till there weren't any dry bits left.

It still turned out delicious. The topping was crisp, sweet and buttery. Because I didn't have a lot of peaches, the bottom layer and the topping layer turned out pretty even in size. More crisp to savour! I served it with a little whipped cream so the dairy component was still there. In my opinion, vanilla ice cream would've made it a tad too sweet. If you like nuts, I'd suggest adding toasted almonds or hazelnuts for an additional crunch.

Get the recipe here at Enjoy!