Sunday 12 July 2020

Sangat Punjabi Cuisine ~ Taman Paramount

Edit: Sangat permanently closed after about 6 months at Taman Paramount. We were devastated to see it go :(

A Punjabi restaurant very recently opened in Taman Paramount just a few doors away from Ribs King and Toast Bar. It suddenly feels like the Taman Paramount area is becoming a hot place for new food!

Sangat has a warm and inviting atmosphere with simple furnishings, a very homey impression. I was very fond of their patterned tableware, it added a touch of elegance above the affordable price point.


The Sour Apple Lassi (RM6.50) had flavors of fresh green apple juice and milky lassi that wasn't too thick or too strong - very refreshing and aptly a signature drink. I didn't try the Punjabi Masala Chai (RM3.50) but it looked decent.

The Butter Chicken (RM15) here tasted very Chinese. Chunks of boneless chicken sat in a sweet creamy sauce with a strong curry leaf fragrance. It may not taste very Punjabi but it was enjoyable. There was a slow burn in the spicy Palak Paneer (RM15) which was creamy with a hint of green chilli padi freshness. The paneer itself was milky and not just tofu-like. 

The Tandoori Chicken (RM8) was served to us by accident but it turned out to be the best kind of accident. Tender chicken with a good grill char, the marinade was tasty and fragrant.

My favorite dish was surprisingly the Baighan Bartha (RM10). Grilled just right to retain the plumpness of the brinjal, it was rich in spices and seasoned very well. It wasn't mashed as per usual but the texture was really nice as is.


The breads were generally fluffy. The Plain Naan (RM2) and Tandoori Roti (RM2) were great vessels to soak up all the flavorful sauces. The Garlic Cheese Naan (RM8) is loaded with cheese resulting in that satisfying 'pizza pull' and could easily be eaten on its own or with a plainer dhal.

Sangat was serving a small portion of kheer for free and oh my goodness, it was delicious! Milky and fragrant, it was mildly sweet and a really good finish to the meal. I would order this the next time we visit, who would've thought rice pudding would taste this good!



Overall, the food was very affordable for Northern Indian cuisine. Our bill came up to RM63 for 2 meat dishes, 2 vegetable dishes, 3 breads and 2 drinks. Service was warm and polite, our meal very pleasing. The other northern Indian food nearby better be ready for some competition! 🔥


Sangat Punjabi Cuisine
59A, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor