Monday 8 February 2021

Healthy & delicious bowls by Rawsome and Kubis & Kale

Been on a roll lately for healthy bowls and I've been pretty impressed by the options I got on Grab. If it was not for GrabFood, I may not have considered any of these places nor tried them, purely based on my food preferences (sorry, I make unhealthy choices).

Rawsome has quite a number of branches around Klang Valley and is currently my favorite. Every item in the bowl is well seasoned separately and when they come together, it is filling, wholesome and very tasty. There is no compromise in flavor even though the ingredients are prepared with minimal cooking and seasoning.

Rawsome's Signature Bowls from bottom, clockwise - 
Blood Type B bowl, Tempeh Rendang bowl and Bulgogi Beef & Cauliflower Fried Rice

The Blood Type B bowl has vegetarian 'soy chicken' & potato curry, mushrooms, spinach, tofu and a hard boiled egg with 3 options as the base. I picked quinoa. The curry was aromatic and the mushrooms had a strong Chinese braise flavor quite like the kind you get in a braised chicken and mushroom in black sauce. The spinach was just lightly blanched then seasoned so it retained all the spinach-y flavor and a nice texture. The tofu had a light coat of seasoning and was pan fried. I'm usually not fond of hard tofu but this was pleasant. The bowl did not come with a sauce but it was tasty enough not to need any.

The Tempeh Rendang bowl had tempeh rendang, chopped long beans, chia seed sambal and a hard boiled egg with 4 options as a base. I chose to add-on chicken breast and have quinoa as the base. If you are a fan of tempeh, you have to try this tempeh rendang! It's such a good alternative to meat and it was so, so flavorful, it blew my mind. The sambal was tasty with some heat without the gooey chia seed texture. This combination to me was an excellent interpretation of a healthy nasi campur.

The Bulgogi Beef & Cauliflower Fried Rice was my least favorite as there wasn't a very strong flavor in the beef and the spring onions in the dish was super fresh and fragrant, overpowering the entire dish (I don't like spring onions!). This is actually my first time trying cauliflower rice and it wasn't dry enough to mimic the texture of rice, so this is a miss for me.

On another occasion, I ordered a bibimbap and it is currently my favorite Rawsome item! The vegetables had lovely crunchy textures and the sauce was flavorful. This is definitely the tastiest healthy bibimbap I've ever had.

If grains are not your thing, there's also a ramen bowl to choose from which had good reviews from the eater.

Also tried the Mango Jelly Chia Pudding on the same occasion and it tasted very guilt-free. It had mild sweetness but had all the textures and flavors of a typical dessert that you won't miss the absence of a sweetening agent. Do try this if you're a fan of chia pudding.

Depending on the nearest branch to your delivery location, they may have the option to 'build your own bowl' but I would recommend going for their Signature Bowls because they have definitely put a lot of thought into the flavor combinations and I found that building my own doesn't necessarily make it the tastiest. This was a combination of tofu, tempeh rendang, zucchini, sweet potato and quinoa. Definitely not as good as their Signature Bowls.

Kubis & Kale is a poké bowl restaurant at Bandar Sunway and usually at the physical branch, you can pick from their signature poké bowls or build your own. For the Grab menu, there are preset bowls with a compulsory selection of a drink with some add-ons to choose from. Currently free delivery is offered to all orders made on AirAsia Food. 

I ordered a Maple Soy Tempeh bowl which had maple soy tempeh, purple sweet potato, gado-gado, blistered cherry tomatoes, charred sweet corn, parmesan crumbs and seaweed flakes with a chimichurri sauce (lime, cilantro & jalapeno). I added on kale crisps that were a bit salty on its own but delicious when had together with the rest of the bowl.

The tangy sauce really brought the entire bowl together and I like the variety in the ingredients. The maple soy tempeh had a savory flavor that I didn't expect would go well with tempeh but it did! Every mouthful was flavorful with a bit of everything and I'm a sucker for that.