Saturday 25 March 2023

Superfine KL ~ Seventeen Mall, Section 17, PJ

There are just times that I don't want to highlight a place and want to keep it all to myself because the food is too good to be shared - Superfine.kl is one of those times.

During the first visit, my order of Chilli Scrambled Eggs was mind blowing from the fragrant chilli-flavored eggs on top of a perfectly toasted slice of sourdough to the milky seared paneer on the side. This vegetarian dish didn't look like it would fill me up but it turned out more than enough with the well thought-out ratio of protein to carbs to greens.

The Pastrami Ruben was also delicious, even the beets in the sandwich didn't make me change my mind.

On a more recent visit, I went for the Ottolenghi, another vegetarian dish made of roasted portobellos on a garlicky hummus served with toasted sourdough. Again, it doesn't look like much but it turned out to be a satisfying and filling meal that I could not finish. 

The sourdough was perfectly toasted, I could just eat lots of sourdough toast all on its own.


Superfine KL @ Seventeen Mall
5a, Jalan 17/1, Seksyen 17, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opens daily, 10am - 9pm