Thursday 11 April 2013

Delicious Halal Dim Sum at MinMax Restaurant ~ PNB Darby Park

I ate here by pure accident. Because we have colleagues of different races, it's usually difficult for us to pick places to eat what more a Chinese place with good Chinese food. My boss have Malay in-laws so he eats here for CNY eve so this was his suggestion for our department's CNY lunch.

MinMax Restaurant is located at:
Lot 2.1 Level 2, PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjal
50450 Kuala Lumpur
It's opposite Troika.

We had the Dim Sum set that was about RM20++ per pax and 2 extra dishes - a lemon chicken and lotus root stir fry.

The setting and waiters/waitresses were all Chinese but English/Malay speaking. I'm guessing the chefs could be Chinese too considering the authenticity of the Chinese food. 

Service was not too good because we were there at lunch time and they were almost fully occupied.

Here's a list of what was good:
The har gao (prawn dumpling) was very good! You could see whole prawns in it.

The dried oyster porridge was quite good. Tasty.

The siew mai (originally pork and prawn dumpling) had a good mixture of what I think is chicken and prawn. It was juicy and good!

The fish balls were kneaded well. Springy and fresh.

The deep fried almond crusted chicken was good. Very generous on the almonds. The pan fried radish cake was good too, there was dried prawns in it. The fried chee cheong fun (rice rolls) was very interesting but not all to our taste.

The stir fried lotus root was generous in portion and came with macadamia nuts. Couldn't capture the dish as I tried my best not to make it toooooo obvious that I was snapping photos.

And now, the bad:
Sesame balls with kaya. As you can see, there's lack of filling and the filling was not tasty. The sesame balls were overall bland.

The red bean pau was dry!

No comments on the chicken feet cause I didn't taste this dish. The fu chuk rolls were quite good!

On foursquare, there were tips that said MinMax Restaurant has the best halal dim sum in KL. I agree with them! The dim sum is comparable to non-halal dim sum. For the price we (coughmybosscough) paid, it was worth the money. We were stuffed to the brim and had leftovers for tea later that day.

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