Sunday 7 April 2013

S.Wine ~ publika

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We heard of the place from a colleague and the boyfie was so determined to eat here that we got up after being passed the menu at Ben's Independent Grocer (which we accidentally sat at, thinking that S.Wine and B.I.G were the same place). How embarassing! We obviously scuttled away very quickly to the non-halal meat section behind it before being greeted by the smell of roast pork. Yes, you have to pass shelves of canned food and a display area of meat before reaching S.Wine.

S.Wine is the non-halal sister/brother of the BIG Group's Ben's, Ben's General Food Store and plan b. The setting of the restaurant is similar to plan b though. Dim-lighted with dark walls. But, the lovely lamp above your head makes perfectly lighted photos and let's you see your food clearly. Perfect for the nitpicky like me.

The menu design is identical to the other 3 stores. Seems like they have a nice pattern going.

A few interesting items we saw on the menu were stuff like... Duck-fat roasted potatoes with bacon. Definitely heart attack and bypass worthy.

Pork satay... Hmm, will definitely try this if I have the guts to come back. I've had quite my fill of pork for awhile.

And breakfast all day! I likey places with breakfast all day :D And they have plan b's Eggs Benedict here too. But with pork ham hehe.

After browsing for a bit, I decided on the Sloppy Piggy Burger with Mexicana Pulled Pork. Very unlike me but I was thinking that a pork patty would be interesting. Besides, I had someone to help me finish up if I couldn't. He oddly ordered a rice dish of Nyonya Asam Pork served with salted vegetable and duck soup.

The Asam was nice! A little sour and a little spicy but very fragrant. The sauce was a little too watery for my taste but it was good that I kept stealing just the broth like a soup hehe. The pork chunks were very tender apparently and the boyfie mentioned the salted vegetable soup was as tasty as those served at the roadside coffeeshops.

My pork burger came in a portion too big for a regular female. A side of coleslaw, fries and some pickles for you to put on top of the patty or leave it aside. The bun tasted a little too toasted to the point of charred. You can see the char marks for yourself. The pulled pork was just a small portion on the patty so it really didn't make a big difference to the burger as a whole.

As for the patty, pork lovers will love it. It was juicy, sucullent and very porky. Pigs nowadays are fed with I-don't-know-what food and in comparison to pork that I ate as a kid, emits this really strong 'porky smell' that I can't stand. I would have liked the patty less 'porky' but otherwise, it would be perfect. Sigh.

So, most of it went to the DBKL boyfie in the end. We should have switched dishes aih.
No pork burgers for this girl in the future.

But anyways, the food was overall good. Ambience was nice although there was the oily smell all over because they have an open kitchen concept. Will come back to try other food. And definitely a nice change to the rest of the BIG Group's chain of restaurants. It's one of a kind after all.

And oh, the decor's cute too!

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