Friday 26 April 2013

Mum's Place ~ Damansara Perdana

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 I had an interesting dinner date after some stock checking for Comic Fiesta recently. I was introduced to a new route to Mutiara Damansara area. I was actually screaming on the inside why I've never gone through this jam free road before! And a little freaked at how quiet the area was.

The shops were all closed around us then next thing you know Tada~

It seemed to be the only place open at the time!

Mum's Place serves Nyonya food, a cuisine I'm not very familiar with. It was a very homey place with lots of witty signage and messages on the wall.

A very entertaining place if you take the time to browse the signage. One of them said "Don't worry, our waiters are used to stupid questions." Something along those lines.

The toilet was filled with funny quotes that I honestly got a little distracted in there! The 'Toilet Testament' next to the hand washing was a darn good read. Unfortunately my phone was running low on battery and I couldn't get a photo.

The curtains here work like noise absorbers in the enclosed area so you can have a peaceful conversation without having to hear your neighbours. A plus point! I know restaurants with wide spaces and white walls where noise bounces across the room so much that you can't hear yourself!

Let's talk about the food.

I left the ordering to my dinner date since he seemed exceptionally familiar with the place so we had 3 dishes: Portuguese Devil's Curry, fried ikan cincaru and stir fried sweet potato leaves.

Apparently their beef rendang and fried kangkung with belacan is really good too. But I eat neither so we skipped both.

The curry was mildly spicy, something good for children even. Unlike normal curry, there were no hints of coconut milk or any kind of milk so the broth was watery with hints of a ginger, lemongrass and curry spices. A nice change from the usual heavy, thick Indian curry we're accustomed to.

The fish however was fantastic! I noticed the dish passing our table a few times so it must be a popular dish among the regulars. The ikan cincaru was deep fried and covered in a spicy sauce that was hard to identify. There's some lime definitely but I couldn't really tell what else was mixed into the sauce. But it was OH SO GOOD. The chilli had a real kick but the taste was so addictive that I couldn't stop eating even though it was spicy!

The sweet potato leaves were stir fried with dried prawns and garlic. It was good as well. Not too overcooked. Maybe the fried with belacan option would have been better.

The bill came us to about RM73 which is quite decent for the size of the fish we had.

I was very surprised that there were so many patrons in this place even though it's set in a quiet area. The place was full to the brim when we left at about 9ish and there were people waiting for tables outside.

I suppose that speaks for itself.

The next time we come back... I want dessert!