Thursday 9 May 2013

Yee Sang Fatt Seafood Restaurant ~ Pudu

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This place is a typical Chinese restaurant. Noisy. Crude. Rowdy. Waiters rushing around with steamed fish sitting on heating candles and claypots of tofu or chicken. Family members taking orders and shouting at the top of their voices.This is really how the typical Chinese family-run restaurants are. And yet we still continue going to these places with our families and enjoy the typical Chinese fare.

The crowd waiting for tables at 7.15pm.

The crowd waiting for tables inside at 7.30pm.This is the usual dinner time so there were tons of people waiting for limited tables.

So what time did we arrive? 6 pm. Very unorthodox for me as my dinner is usually at 8 or 9 pm. But this is worth the unusualness.

For that particular day, we had 6 people so we had quite a number of dishes.

Stir fry green dragon vegetable. The funny name just proves that I don't know what the English name is. It was a smooth kind of vegetable, like sweet potato leaves.

I usually don't eat brinjal but this was good! It was deep fried then stir fried with chopped dried shrimp. Very fragrant and tasty!

Wan yu with ginger. This is my favorite. I don't like ginger either but this ginger sauce was tasty. I avoided the ginger and only picked up some of the sauce to eat with my fish. The fish... Oh the fish! It was steamed to perfection, not overcooked, smooth and very fresh! We have this almost every time.

Unfortunately my mum cooks better pork with potato so this is no big deal. We've also tried their Claypot 3 cup chicken and it's not much of a big deal either.

Kung po chicken in yam ring. Also no big deal.

This place serves the sour lime yellow cincau drink that's hard to find nowadays. Plus point!

This particular restaurant is popular among the market folk due to it's location and it's simple, affordable delicious food. Sometimes there's no need for complicated, fancy food. Hey, fuss free food is memorable too.

The bill came up to RM130.70. That's not too bad, isn't it?

They cook in the open and by the side of the road by the way. May not appeal to those who are very particular about cleanliness.

For the location, I'm not able to give you the exact address so please look here: Restoran Yee Sang Fatt Seafood 易生发 (Jln Pudu, 吉隆坡) on @foursquare: