Wednesday 12 June 2013

Super famous Pork Noodles (Ooi Noodle House) ~ SS15

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Update 21/3/16: They have a proper signboard now and 'Ooi Noodle House' is written on it so they should be easier to locate now.

Here's another short post. Seems like there are gonna be lots of posts like these nowadays. Simple posts that tell you the food is good. Please eat this good food.

If you have reading from the start that this blog was created (if you were, that is awfully nice of you, thank you so much <3), you would know that this blogger doesn't eat pork. Well, not much anyways. My neverending complaints of pork smelling porky (it defies logic, I know) and that pork tasted much better when I was younger should surprise you with the fact that I'm writing about pork noodles.

Yes, pork noodles.

Are your eyes wide like this o_o now?

Yes, that IS a bowl of pork noodles that required a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes before it reached our table.

Actually, it was 2 bowls which required 1 hour and 30 minutes before it reached our table.
I have been told that this pork noodles are so famous that people religiously wait. And wait. 

And wait. For hours. Just for the pork noodles.

It is true by the way. We had time to walk around the whole SS15 area, dropping by a Chinese medical hall, a pharmacy and a bank for the ATM, come back to the shop, sit down and continue waiting (while playing I Spell Word :P). The patrons would read the newspaper, chat in big groups, play games on their phones, tapau some snacks from other places, orders glass after glass of iced tea and wait. No complaints, no sour faces (well, mostly).

I have to say I was quite impressed at their patience.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes, I knew why.

(Yes this is the same photo from above, there are only so many ways that you can photograph a bowl of pork noodles)
Firstly, the soup was flavorful. Yes with MSG. But not enough to give me Chinese Food syndrome. It was really tasty.

Secondly, the pieces of pork. There were 2 kinds - minced pork patties and pork slices as well as pork intestine and pork liver (I think?). Pork smell? None. Takde. Nada. The minced pork were well marinated with sesame oil, soy sauce and corn flour (the typical way Chinese meat is marinated). I tried one piece of pork intestine and almost died though. But to their defense, I've never liked pork intestine. I was just curious if they could change my mind. Looks like it's not happening anytime soon.

Finally, the noodles. Oh so smooth. And the right kind! Mine was kuey teow, the other bowl, loh shu fun. The kuey teow was the thinner kind and was cooked to perfection. Not disintegrating nor overcooked.

This place's pork noodles is perhaps the only pork noodles I would ever eat. In Malaysia. Ever.

Think you can challenge this girl? Feel free to comment with your favorite pork noodles and I will gladly accept the challenge.

Location: Foursquare
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