Wednesday 21 August 2013

Macarons from Bre@d Lounge ~ G Tower

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A lot of us fall for deal sites and I am no different. I feel like buying anything and everything. Temptation is futile!

As a result, I end up with scores of unused vouchers all expiring at about the same time and since I mostly buy food deals... I watch the numbers on the weighing scale go up as well. Sigh, what's a girl to do.

This macaron deal is offered by Groupon and Bre@d Lounge is also offering a hi-tea buffet deal.

The packaging is quite cute and environmental friendly looking.

However on the inside, you get a tumbling of macarons. Honestly, I feel that macarons should be packaged in a way that they won't be able to move and bang against each other and inevitably crack.

As usual, the normal rules apply.

Was there enough filling? No.

Did the macaron have a hard shell and a moist inside? From the photos, it's pretty obvious it's dry through and through.

Did the have feet? Yes they all had feet.

Does all the macaron shells taste the same? Surprisingly no.

Was the top smooth and shiny without dents and bumps? The above photo obviously said no.

This particular macaron berlubang! (had a hole in it) and the filling spilled out because the filling was too watery. But due to that, the inside was slightly more moist than the rest.

Verdict? Don't bother.