Wednesday 12 February 2014

My Kuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodles

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My mum mentioned this Penang curry noodle when our neighbour and her colleague mentioned it to her. She has never been a liker of instant noodles (unlike me) so to get her approval on this was a shocker and worth writing.

The pack (4 individual noodles) was given to her as a Christmas present and it has been the yummiest Christmas present for all of us to date :P I have never seen this brand sold at any local KL supermarket before, this pack was bought from Gama Supermarket near Komtar.
Publicity soared when they were rated as the Top 10 Spiciest noodle on Ramen Rater
I've been told that it's quite scarce but considering that demand for it has gone up, the production should pick up soon. To date, I've received 4 packs (16 noodle packets) which suggests that it will be widely available soon I hope.

The packet says Penang White Curry Noodle which is ironic cause I've not eaten any white curry noodles in Penang before.

The noodles come with 3 seasoning packets.

A fragrant prawn paste - the minute you open the packet you'll smell that nice belacan-ish smell.

A dry powder seasoning.

And a non-dairy creamer - this is the one that brings it all together to give you that lemak taste that we all love in our curry laksa.

I read somewhere that it should be served with cockles and taufu pok to get the authentic feel of curry laksa but since I had neither, some cabbage will have to do. The little saucer there has some chilli prawn sambal as a condiment.

The broth had a layer of chilli oil like stall-made curry laksa but the broth was less yellowish and clearer. The taste however is the closest to real curry laksa in comparison to other instant noodles - tasty with a slight kick of spiciness. It really would provide temporary relief to your Malaysian homesickness.

The noodles were quite springy - better than Maggi and on par with my favourite Mi Sedap. Although it was a bit strange to have it with the curry laksa broth, it still goes quite well.

Overall, I like it. It's a quick fix for curry laksa cravings - less the lemak and the santan. It feels like a slightly healthier version of the curry laksa (though I highly doubt it is). When I put in some of the sambal belacan I had there, it was better.  LC agrees that it is the closest you can get to curry laksa but his Penangite mum does not favor it.

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