Friday 3 January 2014

Chong Yen Fish Head ~ Jalan 2/89c

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LC and I have a 'To makan' list. Surprisingly his list is much longer than mine. Such an embarassment for this foodie haih

This post was actually an old draft but because we just ate here yesterday, this is now a new 2014 post! :D

Chong Yen Fish Head is located in the old industrial area of Chan Sow Lin. It's hustling and bustling during the weekdays but come here during the weekends and you get empty roads and rows of Skynet delivery trucks before you arrive at.... tada! Steamed Fish Head Heaven.
To date - LC declared that he has never had a better steamed fish head and his mum agrees.
Let's start with the 'side dishes' and work our way to the star.

Chong Yen serves the classic Hakka char yuk - a stewed nam yu pork with wood ears. It's pretty good (my mum is Hakka and she cooks this so I have something to base it on) but has a stronger five spice taste compared to my mum's.

They also have a version of dry char yuk which is good! It's chopped only when you order it and it's like the classic char yuk, just not stewed so you get crispy bits around the edges. It is every bit a char yuk dish just minus the stewing and wood ears.

And now the star - Steamed Wan Yu Fish Head.

I've eaten here at least thrice with LC and his mum and the dishes here have never been substandard. It's the same quality time after time and it's the most prominent in the steamed fish head. The fish head is cooked to perfection - not overcooked and the slightly spicy soy sauce that come with it complements it perfectly. Of course I push away the fried garlic, ginger and spring onions but I would imagine those who love these condiments would find it perfect with the fish.

One thing about Chong Yen is that it's only opened during lunch time so yes, your steamed fish head dinner cravings will sadly not be sated here. Be sure to go before noon or sharp 12 or you'll find yourself waiting for tables. Service is very fast here though - the working family has perfect synchronicity.

Oh, do have some fruits at the end of your meal, you'll see a fruit seller at the entrance and her fruits are fresh and are well picked - sweet and juicy.

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