Tuesday 6 May 2014

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee ~ SS2

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Evidently my favorite Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee has contenders - one of the heavyweights is Super Kitchen. So what do you do when your favorite has a contender? Try the rival.
I know that sentence came out wrong but it just means we tried Super Kitchen's chilli pan mee.

Super Kitchen has comfortable, air-conditioned premises. Also, no need to share tables and food is relatively fast.

Their star of the show looks very similar to my favorite.

Super Kitchen's condiments are nicely separated to show you what they're feeding you. Do note that their poached egg looks overcooked in this photo, the edges are too well done.
The pan mee here has more condiments. However their noodles are less bouncy, more floury and lacking an 'oomph' that I get from Kin Kin.

Their sayur manis  was slightly overcooked so you end up with a rubbery texture instead of the well cooked slippery texture. No complaints about their soup.

The chilli here is alright, it's as spicy as Kin Kin's (or so I thought) but comparing this photo and the photo at Kin Kin's, I actually put more chilli in this bowl which means it's less spicy. The slightly harder egg white was less runny and it doesn't cling as well to the noodles hence the chunks you see in the above photo.

I understand that other reviews that I have attached to this post all shines upon Super Kitchen very brightly but it is not as good compared to Kin Kin, in my opinion. I would admit that this is second best and if I were in an area very far from Kin Kin but Super Kitchen is around the corner, I might just pop by Super Kitchen.

I decided to try their sui kow - I regretted that decision. As the photo shows, the skin was too thick. The filling was too heavily peppered as well.

One important thing to note about this branch - the entire branch from the cashier to the kitchen staff are all foreigners. Not a single local, not even a supervisor. This was quite the tick-off.

Super Kitchen has many branches in many places as stated below but Kin Kin will still be my first choice when it comes to chilli pan mee.

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