Tuesday 20 May 2014

Fusion Japanese Thai at ploy ~ Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan

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I came across Ploy on a newspaper article and a Japanese-Thai fusion restaurant sounded interesting. I like both cuisines so putting them both together may be a good idea, eh?

Ploy is located at Work@clearwater, Changkat Semantan in the vicinity of Help Institute. It might be quite difficult to get here if you miss any turns because going any further past this are would bring you to Jalan Duta yikes. So do look this place up properly before heading over.

The indoor dining area is well separated from the al fresco area by sliding doors so no wafts of cigarette smoke will flow in your direction. Points! Also every table had lighting above it so my camera was very happy.

We settled on a salad, a main for each and 2 desserts to share, decided based on reviews that the mains are not large and too filling.

LC has a Konig Ludwig Weissbier, a type of German beer. It is not commonly served so it was a nice discovery. It was light and smooth, a surprising discovery indeed.

We ordered a Soft Shell Crab salad to share. The light and crunchy salad was drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise. The wasabi gave it a zing and was nice for a change from the usual salad dressings.

The Duck Confit came highly recommended so LC ordered this. The portion was indeed small, definitely inadequate for an adult. The duck was dry and the mash potato sticky and strange.  I expected the duck to be juicy and tender and mashed potatoes are always fluffy in my mind. The vinaigrette that came with the dish made it more palatable but overall, we couldn't understand why this dish was highly recommended.

I ordered a Angel Hair Shrimp pasta with ebiko and fresh cream. This is a modern Japanese pasta dish where traditional ingredients (the ebiko) is combined with more modern ingredients (cream and pasta).

Overall the taste of the dish was quite alright but what irked me is in the next photo.

Chunks of garlic (not finely minced) drove me crazy. Some warning in the description would have been much appreciated.

For dessert, I wanted a tab tim krob (also known as red ruby) but it was not available so we decided on a Chocolate Fondant with vanila ice cream and a Durian Panacotta.

The Chocolate Fondant was not warm enough and there was more cake than molten center - a major letdown for LC as he loves molten chocolate.

The Durian Panacotta was the star of the dinner. Ploy claims to use Raja Kunyit durians (which I've not heard of before) for this dessert.

The panacotta was smooth and silky, the taste of vanilla (vanilla pods evident!) and durian was absolutely lovely. Scoops of durian flesh in the panacotta were sweet and satisfying.

We didn't enjoy our visit to Ploy. The food is not great, the ambiance is nice, service is fine. After learning that they won the Certificate of Excellence 2013 awarded by TripAdvisor, I'm even more disappointed. 

Sorry Ploy, I'm never coming back.

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