Saturday 5 July 2014

Macarons ~ Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

There was a time when Nathalie's Gourmet Studio served the most expensive and the best macarons in KL. Now they're no longer the most expensive but they are still ranked among the best in my macaron rank list.

The first time I tried their macarons was when I received them as a birthday present. I remember  Jaslyn asking me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I also vaguely remember being afraid that she might give me a rubber snake at that point. Fortunately, it was just a chilled box that was sitting quietly in that fridge in that particular restaurant on that day 4 years ago. Cheh, sounds like Hari ini Dalam Sejarah.

But it was not just any box, it was a box of 10 of Nathalie's  macarons. I swear she was the one who started my conquest for awesome macarons.

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio is located in Solaris Dutamas and like it's name indicates, serves gourmet food which I may never dare try. If anyone remembers this post, I went searching for these lovely macarons many years ago but never came back due to it's sheer distance from my home (and perhaps laziness) so I'm very happy to finally share a proper post with you.

LC and I decided to try 5 different flavors of...

Cherry Pistachio

After Eight




No photo here because the box was unlabeled and was hidden somewhere in the depths of that display case. Please ask if they have it because you'll never be able to spot the box.

Here they are uncovered in their lovely see-through box.

The waiter attending to us was very patient in describing the flavors of each macaron to us as the labels were all in - I presume - French?

Here they are again, this time sealed for perfect freshness. They can fit about 6 in a transparent box.

One last photo because the next few will be only eaten macarons.

In general, all her macarons are crumbly and moist which leaves the macaron shell cracking but still staying intact with every bite. On top of that, they don't taste like they're loaded with sugar and the texture of the almond bits from almond floor were notably present.

The most fragile Chocolate macaron was very rich. The thick and creamy chocolate filling will giddy-fy chocolate macaron lovers.

Caramelization of burnt sugar was evident in the caramel macaron. That glistening toffee gave the macaron that extra oomph.

The After Eight was our favorite. The perfect interpretation of an After Eight in a macaron; double filled with a chocolate center. Nathalie's is the only macaron baker to offer this flavor (as far as I know).

The classic Vanilla was very fragrant. The tiny bites packed quite a punch of vanilla. I loved the fact that the vanilla pods were visible in the shell as well as the filling. This is just a bad photo, they're really there, trust me.

Cherry Pistachio was a unique flavor which LC didn't like but I did. You get a sour tang from the cherry flavor but unfortunately the scent of cherry may seem like cough syrup to some. The cherry flavor overpowered the pistachio so this might not be the best combination flavor for anything.

I must say that I was very pleased that I finally got my hands on the macarons that day.
Now if only you were not so, so far! 

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