Tuesday 17 June 2014

All Day Breakfast Menu at Antipoden ~ Bangsar

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LC and I love breakfast at any time of the day. Lazy dinners can be toast with eggs and ham with a nice cup of coffee while watching Big Bang Theory or Shirokuma Cafe.

Antipodean was our second stop in our Coffee Culture Journey and hey look, they serve breakfast all day!

Antipodean has been ranked as one of the top coffee places in many articles/newsprint so it was a matter of time that we pay them a visit. The Bangsar outlet is quaint with mostly indoor dining and 2-3 tables al fresco. It is usually very busy on weekends during brunch catering to the young crowd to the extent that you'll have to queue/wait for a table.

Our solution? Come for dinner. It was a Friday when we dropped by and only 3-4 tables (including us) were occupied till 8pm.

Their extensive coffee and food menu can be found here. With so much to choose from, I understand why people keep coming back.

To me, the true test of good coffee is to order a latte. It's usually the safest to pick in a coffee menu. Antipodean's doesn't disappoint. Without sugar, it's very fragrant. With sugar, it's perfect for me. The coffee itself is strong and bitter, a perfect wake me up whenever you need one.

LC decided to be adventurous and try the Vietnam style drip coffee - the staff will ask you for which combination of coffee you would like, leave it to them to decide for you.

The coffee will take awhile to take shape but it will be worth the wait. The condensed milk gives the coffee a milky and creamy taste while the coffee is fragrant and oh so good! The amount of sweetened milk is just right so you get a perfect balance in a cup.

I ordered a scrambled eggs on croissant with sausage. It was good but I'm not a fan of rocket as they give you a slight bitter and kam (the aftertaste of orange peel) taste. The eggs were well done and the sausage was good. Perhaps I'll ask if they can exchange the rocket for something else next time.

LC had eggs benedict with bacon. It was good as well but the eggs slightly overdone. We pointed it out to the manager when he asked how was everything, we hope it'll be perfect during our next visit.

For dessert (well sorta), we ordered some french toast with bacon and maple syrup. The toast was deliciously eggy - with the maple syrup and bacon, it's perfect. I loved the fact that the bacon was lean. LC, not so.

We will definitely come back to try the 'After 11' menu. I'm definitely looking forward to more good coffee. We'll see you again, Antipodean.

Antipodean's website can be found here