Wednesday 27 August 2014

Han Lim Seafood ~ Taman Midah

Update: Han Lim Seafood has moved to  4, Jalan Jalak, Taman Sri Bahtera, 56100 Kuala Lumpur and now serves a delicious charcoal seafood steamboat!

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When I was searching for reviews of this place, surprise surprise there were actually reviews floating in cyberspace!

Han Lim Seafood is a gem to my family as it serves fresh seafood in the middle of a housing estate in Taman Midah which happens to be a 10 minute drive from my place. Yes, no need to go far and wide in search of fancy restaurants with fresh seafood and pay outta your nose, we found a place that has awesome seafood which is close to home.

Fresh seafood is decked out on a bed of ice at the back portion of this restaurant and you get to pick out cuts and whole fish, crab, prawns, clams and squid as well as the cooking style. They have the common such as grouper, stingray, black and white pomfret, sole fish and the uncommon baby shark.

Being a small restaurant (about 20 tables?), the only downside is that whatever is sold out is really sold out for the day. More stocks of seafood only comes in the following day. Also, variety is quite limited as it depends on what catches their net for the day.

After many visits, we have learned that all the non-seafood dishes are not worth ordering so we don't even order a vegetable dish while we're there lol. The photos here are from separate visits so please forgive the mixture.

Tofu with chopped prawns
The tofu was silky and nice but the bits of prawns were measly and unsatisfying.

Kam Heong bamboo clams
The clams were well cooked and seasoned, there were lots of leftover bits of dried shrimp to nibble on too.

Salt and Pepper style fried squid
This is by far my favorite dish. The squid is fried to perfection and the seasoning coats well. There aren't pieces that are saltier than the other.

Steamed grouper
It was a bit overcooked so the meat turned out a little hai (rough in cantonese). Also because the fish is so big, the meat will tend to be more rubbery.

Steamed prawns with egg white.
There is a repeat of dish in another photo below. They cook it well but the only thing that irks me is that they sprinkle garlic over the prawns, killing the sweetness of the prawn. Be sure to tell them to omit the garlic if you're not a fan. 

Otherwise, the prawn juices mixes with the soy sauce and creates this brine that goes well with rice.

Fried Meehoon with Lala
This dish turned out quite mediocre. It lacked wok hei and there was hardly any lala in this.

On a separate visit, we had (clockwise from the top) Kam Heong Bamboo Clams, Steamed Prawns, Salt and Pepper squid, Kungpo Baby Shark and Steamed Stingray.
There are 3 staples in that list except the kungpo baby shark and steamed stingray. Their kungpo is very well done - the correct amount of sweetness and spiciness while the steamed stingray was not overcooked - the meat turned out smooth and silky.

This place is definitely a keeper.